The 6 Most Touching Moments From C-Drama “Le Coup De Foudre”

Le Coup de Foudre” had us fall in love at first sight with its premiere episodes, and it stayed strong until the very last episode! One moment the drama made us laugh tears for its hilarious situations, and in the next moment, it made us cry with a smile for its warmth and heartfelt dialogues. “Le Coup de Foudre” is neither all fluffy and cheesily romantic nor overly sentimental and melodramatic; it’s a perfect mixture of everything and evokes the full spectrum of emotions. It’s definitely one of the big C-drama highlights of 2019!

“Le Coup de Foudre” had many touching moments that made us feel even stronger about them since the drama is based on a real story. Let’s revisit some of these moments now that the drama has come to an end and we still can’t seem to move on from it.

Warning: Contains spoilers for the drama below.

When Qiao Yi stands by Wu Yi

Wu Yi (Ma Li) misses the note that everyone is supposed to wear their blue school uniform on a certain day and arrives in her red uniform. When Qiao Yi (Wu Qian) sees how her best friend is humiliated by the director in front of all students because of it, she quickly runs and changes into a red uniform so that Wu Yi won’t have to bear the humiliation alone. Anyone would feel awful when getting into a similar situation to Wu Yi, but for someone reserved like Qiao Yi, this must be an even bigger deal. The fact that she stands by Wu Yi despite this shows how strong their friendship really is. The fight they had just before this incident is also quickly forgotten.

When Guan Chao protects his sister from hurt

The beautiful relationship between the two Zhao siblings is without any doubt one of the drama’s strongest points. There are plenty of awesome brother-sister moments, but since I can’t list them all, I picked just one that left a deep impression.

When Guan Chao (Zhao Zhi Wei) and Qiao Yi’s biological father suddenly wants to see them, Guan Chao persuades Qiao Yi that only he will go to meet him. We soon find out why as we learn that their father has no respect for women and doesn’t care even one little bit about Qiao Yi. Obviously scared that the cruel truth might scar her, Guan Chao decides to tell a white lie.

When Qiao Yi’s stepdad expresses his love for his daughter

As much as Qiao Yi’s biological father doesn’t care about her, her stepdad Tian Wei Min (Yang Chao Ran) cares deeply about her. We can feel how deep his love for his daughter is when he asks his wife to talk to Qiao Yi about allowing him to walk her in on her wedding ceremony. Since they’re not blood-related, his love for her is even more precious.

When Qiao Yi reassures her stepdad

Qiao Yi’s stepdad doesn’t want to come to her award ceremony because he’s afraid that it will cast a damning light on Qiao Yi when people see that she has a handicapped dad. When Qiao Yi notices his thoughts, she immediately reassures him by comparing the situation with when she was chubby like a pig as a child and asking him if he felt ashamed of her back then. Her stepdad then realizes that his thoughts were wrong, and Qiao Yi takes him around her campus.

When Yan Mo agrees to start a business with Da Chuan

Yan Mo (Zhang Yu Jian)’s answer to why he agreed to start a business with his uncle Da Chuan (An Ge) is as simple as it’s brilliant.

It should only be natural to help each other out as a family, yet in reality, it’s often not the case. The people who will be beside us our whole life are our family though, so we should pay more attention to them. I thus highly applaud Yan Mo’s thinking.

When Guan Chao opens up about why he doesn’t want to marry

Guan Chao hides a deep scar under his playboy facade. When he finally opens up about the real reason why he doesn’t want to marry, Qiao Yi comes to realize that her brother only pretends to be strong yet is actually equally hurt by their childhood.

This reminds us that what we see is not always the truth and that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions without making an effort to see beyond the other’s facade.

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