All The Sides Of EXO's D.O. We'll Miss When He's In The Military

It was only about a month or so ago when EXO members surprised Xiumin at his last solo fan meeting pre-enlistment. Overcome with emotion, Xiumin and a few of the members started crying when D.O. interjected, saying “Aigoo, it’s not like he’s immigrating to another country.”

Little did we know, a few weeks later, that D.O.’s own enlistment would be announced and fans would be thrown a major curve ball. His choice to “cut-the-line” and enlist earlier came as a shocker, and the news was so big it not only trended on Twitter for quite a few hours but also made it on major entertainment sites around the world. This is the power D.O. has over us, and we can’t even begin to imagine not seeing him for the next two years.

So as July 1 slowly creeps upon us, let’s take a look at all the sides of Kyungsoo that we’ll miss, and ready our hearts to say goodbye (for now):


Squishy Kyungsoo

Squishy Kyungsoo is squishy. ‘Nuff said.


Chef Kyungsoo

Kyungsoo has often talked about his interest in cooking, even since the earlier years. We’ve heard testimonies from his members regarding his cooking, and sometimes, when the stars align, we get a glimpse into this domestic side of Kyungsoo. It’s so satisfying watching him cook and have his members fawn over the yummy food.


“I don’t usually do much, but I have a lot of interest in cooking and I want to make delicious food for the members.”

Even when he makes mistakes, he’s still so precious!

Actor Kyungsoo

Idol actors often come with a caveat that their acting tends to be more cringe than polished. But Kyungsoo is one of the few who completely breaks this preconceived notion and often lands on top of lists of most talented idol actors. People who aren’t into K-pop probably wouldn’t know that the teenage boy in “It’s Okay, That’s Love” is a popular idol member, because the moment he steps into a role, you no longer see EXO’s D.O. but the character instead. He’s just that good!

Singer Kyungsoo

Kyungsoo’s sultry smooth vocals always manage to hit the right spot. There’s nothing better than listening to him sing against an acoustic backing and fully appreciate just how great his voice is.

Also, how great is his English?

Penguin Kyungsoo

I mean, seriously. How can this be so cute??


Dancer Kyungsoo

Kyungsoo has always been a strong dancer, showing off his slick moves in EXO’s choreography.


Recently, he continued to develop his dance skills by learning to tap dance for his movie “Swing Kids.” Color us impressed!


Christian D.O. (a.k.a. Variety Kyungsoo)

It would be reasonable to assume that Kyungsoo’s more reserved side would be overshadowed by his beagle members on variety shows. But each time he appears on one, he always manages to score big laughs and deliver memorable moments. Even if it’s at his expense, he always takes it in stride, and this willing-to-laugh-at-himself side of him only makes us love him more.

Visual Kyungsoo

With those sharp features, this boy can give us serious heart palpitations one second…


… and make us go “uwu” the next with his heart-shaped lips and scrunchy smile!


Animal-lovin’ Kyungsoo

During Season 2 of “Travel the World on EXO’s Ladder,” Kyungsoo was practically the deer whisperer at one point!


Name one other person who “headbutts” a deer!


Member-lovin’ Kyungsoo

Kyungsoo may appear to be more stoic than his other more touchy-feely members, but we all know how much he truly treasures them. His relationship with each member is distinct and personal, and we can’t get enough of all these sweet and savage bro-lationships.















Here’s to our beloved Kyungsoo, and we wish him a safe enlistment! Till we meet again~!


How much will you miss Kyungsoo when he’s off serving his country? And share your coping methods with fellow EXO-Ls below!

Belinda_C‘s TMI: When she first joined the Soompi team many, many moons ago, she declared that her go-to squishy idol was D.O. of EXO. Share your love for Kyungsoo with her on Twitter!

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