NU’EST’s JR Spends 2nd Consecutive Birthday Visiting Fan Advertisements And Events In Costume

NU’EST’s JR celebrated his birthday with a meaningful tour for the second year in a row!

JR’s birthday is June 8, and he decided to celebrate it this year by going on another “JR Tour.” Last year, he donned a turtle character costume, as his fans often associate him with a turtle, and he visited various birthday ads and billboards that his fans had prepared for his birthday.

This year, JR transformed into a bear and did a similar tour, visiting various spots around Seoul that showcase birthday ads, as well as a visit to the Spoonz flagship store, a brand NU’EST currently endorses. He teased the tour on his Instagram account with a photo of a flag that read “JR Tour 2” and the caption “Let’s go.”

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In a Naver V Live broadcast following his tour, he explained the costume he was wearing and said, “I decided to be a bear because I earned the ‘teddy bear’ nickname from fans this year. I put squirrels on the hat because we also have the nickname ‘acorns,’ and I wore a turtle shell on my back since that’s my old nickname.”

JR expressed his gratitude to fans for putting up birthday ads and holding events for him, and he promised to visit the ones he hadn’t been able to get to at a later time. He reassured fans who were worried he might be too hot in the bear suit, and he laughed when a fan remarked, “Next year, we’ll give you a nickname that’s more cool and refreshing.”

Finally, JR uploaded a photo of himself wearing the teddy bear costume on Instagram with the caption, “Thanks to L.O.Λ.Es [official fan club name], I had a healing day today! Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I love you!”

Happy birthday to JR!

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