INFINITE’s L, Lai Kuanlin, Stray Kids, Lovelyz, And More Win At 2019 Asia Model Awards

On June 9, the 2019 Asia Model Awards were held at the Olympic Hall in Seoul, South Korea. The ceremony was hosted by Stephanie, Kim Il Joong, and Song Hae Na.

(G)I-DLE and Stray Kids won the New Star Award in the singers category, while Joo Woo Jae and Kim Sohye won the New Star Award in the actors category.

(G)I-DLE said, “We’re really happy to be receiving a New Star Award at such a great ceremony. We will take this to mean that we should work harder from now on. Thank you to our fans, Neverland.”

Stray Kids said, “It’s an honor just to be invited to the 2019 Asia Model Awards, but we’re doubly grateful for the award. We thank our family at JYP Entertainment and producer Park Jin Young. We’re happy to be able to receive a New Star Award thanks to our fans, and we’re sincerely grateful to those who cheer us on from near or far away. Please look forward to our comeback the week after next.”

The Popular Star Award in the actors category went to Han Seung Yeon and INFINITE’s L, while the Popular Star Award in the singers category went to Lovelyz and PENTAGON.

Han Seung Yeon said, “The title ‘actor’ still feels heavy on my shoulders, but I’m grateful to have received an award as an actress. I will take this as a sign of hope that if I work hard, I can become a better actor moving forward.” She also thanked two people who have watched over her entertainment industry career since she was 19, as well as her family.

INFINITE’s L said, “It’s an honor to have received such a meaningful award.” He also promoted his new drama, “Angel’s Last Mission: Love,” and congratulated INFINITE on their 9th debut anniversary.

Lai Kuanlin won the Special Asia Award, representing China, and said, “I want to thank everyone for giving me such a great award. I think that it’s not possible for me to win such an award on my own talent alone.” He added in his native language, “Thank you to everyone who worked hard for this award.”

The Asia Star Award in the singers category went to Park Ji Hoon, who thanked his Maroo Entertainment family and said, “I think that I could receive this award because of them. I will become a hardworking person that my fans can love. Also, I will say something that Lai Kuanlin couldn’t say earlier. I want to say that I miss the Wanna One members a lot.”

Han Chae Young and Jung Ho Yeon won the Asia Star Award in the actors and models category respectively, while Im Joo Hwan and Lim Ji Yeon received Star Awards in the Korean models category.

Kim Hye Yoon, Eum Joon Suk, JINGYI, Lee Seung Yoon, and D-Crunch received the 2019 Rising Star Award, while Sam Okyere and Oh Na Ra won in the Fashionista category.

Congratulations to the winners!

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