Block B’s Taeil Announces Surprise Military Enlistment Today Through Handwritten Letter To Fans

Block B’s Taeil has made the surprise announcement that he will be enlisting in the military today.

On June 10, Taeil took to his personal Instagram account to share a handwritten letter with fans, along with the caption, “I’ll be going now.” His letter reads as follows:

Hello, this is Block B’s Taeil.

I feel like I’m writing a handwritten letter for the first time in a while.

This may be a bit sudden, but I will be enlisting in the military so I am greeting you through this handwritten letter. Even while I’m writing this letter, it still hasn’t hit me yet so I can’t help but laugh.

Though it will be a period of time that will feel long to some and short to others, I will stay healthy and do well in my time in the military! I’m both excited and nervous about getting to try many new experiences there, but I hope that I am able to overcome all the various situations I am put in and return healthier and more mature.

I will be going with a happy heart. Everyone, stay healthy and happy.

Although this still feels awkward… Salute!

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잘다녀오겠습니다 ! ! ?

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A source from his agency confirmed, “It’s true that Taeil will be enlisting today. The details of his enlistment will not be publicly shared as he wishes for it to be a quiet affair. However, he wanted to greet his fans so he wrote out a handwritten letter and shared it before his enlistment.”

Fellow Block B member B-Bomb showed his affection for Taeil as she shared a photo on his Instagram story with the caption, “Stay healthy and be well there.”

We wish Taeil all the best during his time in the military!

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