Brave Entertainment Gives Statement On Samuel’s Contract Status + To Take Legal Action

Brave Entertainment expressed their official position on the conflict with Samuel.

On June 8, Samuel shared a post on Instagram where he thanked fans and announced that he’d be pursuing future promotions as an independent artist.

On June 10, a source from Brave Entertainment said that they did not part ways with Samuel and his independent promotions had not been discussed with the agency.

Later on the same day, the agency stated their official position on the matter.

Here is the full statement below:


This is Brave Entertainment.

We’d like to inform you of our official position of Samuel’s independent activities.

Samuel’s mother and the company had conflicting opinions because he was a minor, and Samuel’s mother unilaterally informed us of the invalidity of his exclusive contract.

Since we signed a management contract with Samuel in 2014, we have been faithfully performing our duties as a management company in all areas with continuous support and have been making generous investments and faithfully working in all aspects for management and artist growth.

We currently maintain a legitimate contract with Samuel and have not treated him unfairly. We will proceed with legal action using lawful procedures with Samuel.

We are very sorry to have caused concern to fans and the public, and we will try to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews

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