Samuel’s Reps Explain Issues With Brave Entertainment Over Payments, Event For CEO’s Business, And More

Samuel’s lawyer and mother have given statements regarding the conflict between the artist and his agency.

On June 10, Samuel’s lawyer told OSEN, “Starting last year, there have been several disputes between Kim Samuel and his agency.” The two main conflicts are said to be payment issues and participation in events that were not mutually agreed upon.

Samuel’s lawyer explained, “My client has had problems with not receiving a proper statement of accounts as well as an ambiguous income breakdown. This has come up several times but he has never been given a proper income statement. It is because of this that conflict has arisen.”

The second issue stems from events tied to the music contents-related cryptocurrency business run by the CEO of Brave Entertainment. Samuel’s lawyer stated, “In Samuel’s contract, the conditions are such that earnings from events or performances are split, and promotional activities for Brave Entertainment would be considered additional and money may or may not be earned. However, Samuel participated in promotions for a completely separate company that is unrelated to his agency and contract.”

The lawyer continued, “Samuel went overseas for an event, and in that time, he performed, took pictures, and filmed a promotional video, but he never agreed to do these activities. The company only got his agreement to do a performance overseas and then made him participate in these other activities without informing him of the contract contents or revenue conditions.”

They added, “It was only after fans and others complained about Samuel’s participation in an event for cryptocurrency that the agency showed fake contracts and claimed that their actions were justified.”

Samuel’s mother also spoke up about the conflict. She said through a press release, “Recently, Brave Entertainment went against the wishes of Samuel’s guardian and used lies to force Samuel into becoming involved with the CEO’s private blockchain company that has no relation to his activities as an artist. This completely shattered our trust of the agency. We submitted a request for rectification, but because the situation was not corrected, we notified the agency of the contract termination and left after finishing up his remaining schedule.”

She continued, “It was determined after notifying the agency of the contract termination that the issue could not be resolved through mutual agreement, and so, on May 20, a complaint was filed. After informing his manager and staff, Samuel left for the United States for training. The claims that he has cut off contact are unfounded, as there has been communication through numerous phone calls. As Samuel’s mother, I simply find it unfortunate that he might be hurt by this distortion of the truth.”

Brave Entertainment has also stated their intent to take legal action following Samuel’s June 8 Instagram post, in which the idol announced that he would be pursuing activities as an independent artist.

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