6 Quirky K-Drama Leads Who Are Unapologetically Themselves

It’s not that often that we come across a character who is so completely and utterly themselves, regardless of the company they’re in. Often, K-drama characters will hold back, be cautious of showing their true selves, or function within the basics of Korean social norms. However, every once in a while we are wonderfully blessed with characters who are so quirky, or better yet, have no shame about being themselves. Here are six K-drama characters who make no apologies for their quirky-ass selves.

Warning: minor spoilers for the dramas below. 

Chief Kim in “Chief Kim”

The world would be a better place (or should we say a more hectic place) if there were more people like Chief Kim Sung Ryong (Namgoong Min) from the drama “Chief Kim.” Chief Kim is hilariously himself even in the direst of situations, like when people are threatening his life. The stakes get pretty high in this drama, so his carefree, silly, and child-like comments just make everything that much funnier. He just can’t help it!

The best part of this drama is that Chief Kim doesn’t even try to be good (he just wants to retire peacefully with his embezzled money in Denmark), but he ends up saving a huge company just by being his silly, skilled self. His laid-back personality is arguably the best part of the show, especially when he’s paired with his arch-frenemy Seo Yool (Junho)!

Oh you know, just two grown men trying to stop corruption in their company

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Chun Song Yi in “My Love from the Star

Chun Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun) is a famous star when we first meet her in “My Love from the Star,” but it’s clear that her personality was big long before she became famous. Grandiose, honest, and utterly hilarious, Chun Song Yi says whatever’s on her mind, which can only happen thanks to her crazy confidence! It’s what makes the megastar’s interactions with the stoic alien Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun) that much better. She’s a star, and she knows it!

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Goo Dae Young in “Let’s Eat

Goo Dae Young (Yoon Doo Joon) in “Let’s Eat” is a hilarious guy. Regardless of whom he’s eating with, Goo Dae Young never fails to stop everyone and share what he thinks is the best way to eat a particular dish. He acts like it’s his duty to the world! While some K-drama characters really care about what others think and make sure to adjust themselves accordingly to the mood of those around them, Goo Dae Young is always genuinely himself, and it shows in the way he enthusiastically shares his love for food with others. And no matter what, he freely enjoys his food to the fullest!

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Princess Hye Myung in “My Sassy Girl

Princess Hye Myung (Oh Yeon Seo) is not your average sageuk princess. As the drama title suggests, she’s feisty, mischievous, and often finds herself in trouble. It’s to the point that her father worries about her future and sends a tutor named Gyeon Woo (Joo Won) to help her. But that’s what’s so great about Hye Myung! Any other princess in the Joseon dynasty would not be as wild and living life as she does. In fact, women from the Joseon period were expected to not leave the house at certain hours and cover their faces when they were out on the streets. Meanwhile, we have Hye Myung, who whips out her leg to crash pots and scare off catty women fearlessly. She’s not afraid to be herself, and we’re here for it.

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Enrique Geum in “Flower Boy Next Door

Ko Dok Mi (Park Shin Hye) literally has no idea what’s coming when she first encounters the energetic video game designer Enrique Geum (Yoon Shi Yoon), who ends up becoming her neighbor! Bright and lovable Kke-Geum becomes a light in Dok Mi’s isolated life as they both learn to open up to each other, especially as Kke-Geum teaches Dok Mi about life outside of her room. Get you a man who can show you how to have fun in life, all while wearing a panda hat!

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Sun Ok Nam in “Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter

Sun Ok Nam (Moon Chae Won) is just so comfortable in her own skin, not necessarily because she’s confident about it, but because she just can’t help it! Having lived 699 years, it’s sort of difficult to hide who you are. In fact, she’s willing to discuss her missing husband with just about anybody, even the man whom she thinks is him! We love a quirky woman whose identity is so utterly ingrained in her nature that there’s not even a smidge of shame to butt in.

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BONUS: Veronica Park In “The Secret Life of My Secretary”

Veronica Park (Kim Jae Kyung) may not be one of the main leads, but that doesn’t mean we’re not invested in her life! Veronica has an over-the-top personality, she’s glamorous in style, and she is full of such crazy fun energy that it’s amazing how she is able to maintain it. But the great thing about Veronica is that she is shameless and full of heart. Like Ki Dae Joo (Koo Ja Sung) says, Veronica is like a baby: temperamental, innocent, and totally herself!

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