Lawyer Bang Jung Hyun Releases Official Statement, Says YG Should Be Focus Of Case, Not

On June 17, lawyer Bang Jung Hyun released an official statement on behalf of “A,” the informant who came forward with information about YG Entertainment and the agency’s alleged use of police connections to cover up the 2016 case of B.I and his reported involvement with drugs.

Lawyer Bang Jung Hyun was the one that submitted the documents to the Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission on behalf of “A”, who was recently revealed as Han Seo Hee, and in the statement, he stressed that the focus should be on the case, not the informant.

Here is the full statement:

This is lawyer Bang Jung Hyun. I was the one who made the report to the Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission (hereafter ACRC) [on behalf of “A”].

The ACRC is currently reviewing the contents of the report, and will be selecting an investigative organization to whom they will transfer the case.

The informant made an anonymous report to the ACRC through a proxy. As a result, “A” will be summoned by the investigative organization chosen by the ACRC to be questioned. This is in line with [the informant’s] intentions in filing the anonymous report to the ACRC.

The informant will wholly comply with the decisions made by the ACRC. If the informant were to go to the investigative organization on their own [without summons] to receive questioning, it would defeat the purpose of making [an anonymous] report to the ACRC.

Recently, through an economic entertainment media outlet, the informant’s name was revealed. This is a clear infraction of the law that protects whistleblowers. The reason that the informant is currently residing abroad is due to the dangers that follow the recent report.

Moreover, police have revealed the informant’s location to various media outlets, and they are continuously revealing which country the informant is in in real-time. In addition, there are countless speculative reports saying that ‘it seems the informant doesn’t plan to respond to summons.’

The point of this case is not the informant. The point is how the suspicions regarding B.I and his alleged involvement with drugs were covered up. The point is looking into whether there was any YG influence in the police as the case came to a full stop. I ask that you focus on the essence of the case and not the informant.

Once again, the informant will comply with the decisions made by the ACRC. Once the investigative organization is selected, the informant will return to Korea to go in for questioning.

Thank you.

Meanwhile, police have revealed that they will be forming a task force to investigate B.I and YG Entertainment with regards to suspected drug use and ties to police.

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