9 Jams That K-Pop Idols Wrote For Other Idols

Especially in recent years, many idols have taken on songwriting, and they are given freedom by their agencies to demonstrate their talents and express themselves further through their own music. Of these talented young producers, some have also used their skills to create songs for other idols outside of their own groups.

Here are just a few of some of those idol collaborations that are worth checking out:

UP10TION – “Stuck on You” (2016)

Composition: Wonpil, Young K, Sungjin, Daniel Kim
Lyrics: Wonpil, Young K, Sungjin, Daniel Kim
Arrangement: Daniel Kim, Wonpil

Maybe it’s because this happened somewhat early on in their careers, but there are many DAY6 and UP10TION fans who still don’t know about this bop. DAY6’s Wonpil, Young K, and Sungjin worked on the composition and lyrics for “Stuck on You” on UP10TION’s fifth mini album “BURST.”

Anyone who has heard DAY6’s music can hear the band’s distinct sounds in this song, and UP10TION’s unique vocals and powerful raps add a fun twist for a very memorable collaboration.

I.O.I – “Downpour” (2017)

Composition: Woozi, Won Young Heon, Dongnaehyung, Yama Art
Lyrics: Woozi
Arrangement: Won Young Heon, Dongnaehyung, Yama Art

SEVENTEEN’s Woozi has written an impressive number of hits for his group, but he has also created beautiful tracks for other artists. Woozi has proved his ability to write stunning ballads with “Thankful for You” for NU’EST’s Baekho and “Downpour” for I.O.I.

“Downpour” is especially meaningful as it was I.O.I’s last single before their disbandment in 2017, which can really be felt from this tearful performance at their final concert.

Woozi’s lyrics say, “Let’s meet again when the rain stops falling,” and it seems the time is almost near as nine of the members will be reuniting for a fall comeback!

PENTAGON – “Beautiful” (2017)

Composition: Ilhoon, IL
Lyrics: Ilhoon, IL
Arrangement: IL, Ilhoon

Ilhoon is a talented idol songwriter who started out by creating music for his group BTOB. He has also participated in tracks like HyunA’s “Get Outta My House,” “HUSH” for “MIXNINE,” and Lee Hong Ki’s “COOKIES.”

One notable song by Ilhoon is “Beautiful,” which he produced for his labelmates PENTAGON. The amazing ballad highlights the group’s diverse vocal colors, and Ilhoon’s lyrics express an honest confession of love.

Girls Next Door – “Deep Blue Eyes” (2017)

Composition: Jinyoung
Lyrics: Jinyoung, Moonbyul, D.ana
Arrangement: Jinyoung, Kang Myung Shin

B1A4’s Jinyoung is known for producing many of his group’s songs and also amazing girl group tracks including “At the Same Place” for “Produce 101,” “When the Cherry Blossoms Fade” and “Hold On” for I.O.I, and “Step by Step” for Oh My Girl. One of his more underrated creations is “Deep Blue Eyes” for the project group Girls Next Door, which consisted of MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul, Red Velvet’s Seulgi, Oh My Girl’s YooA, SONAMOO’s D.ana, Kim So Hee, Lovelyz’s Sujeong, and Jeon Somi.

The song is much faster than Jinyoung’s other girl group hits, but it still has some of the dreamy vibes that are usually present in Jinyoung’s music.

“Idol Producer” – “It’s OK” (2018)

Composition: EDEN, Nathan Rivr, WOODZ
Arrangement: EDEN, Nathan Rivr, WOODZ

WOODZ is UNIQ’s Seungyoun, who is also part of the crew M.O.L.A along with 15&’s Park Jimin, PENTAGON’s Kino, SEVENTEEN’s Vernon, and more. Many are now familiar with him as Yuehua Entertainment’s Cho Seung Youn on “Produce X 101.”

He has participated in writing many great tracks including “Evanesce Ⅱ” for Super Junior D&E, “Ice & Fire” for ONF, “BLOSSOM” for GFRIEND’s Eunha and VIXX’s Ravi, “Pick Up the Phone” for Park Jimin, and more. One track that WOODZ worked on is “It’s OK” for “Idol Producer,” the popular Chinese survival program that produced the boy group Nine Percent.

The demo version that he recorded is also worth a listen!

Wanna One Triple Position – “Kangaroo” (2018)

Composition: Zico, Poptime
Lyrics: Zico, Kang Daniel, Park Woo Jin
Arrangement: Zico, Poptime

Block B’s Zico is one of the top idol producers with over a hundred tracks already under his belt. In addition to his solo tracks, songs for his group, and tracks for other hip hop artists, he has also produced hits for idols including “Flower Way” for gugudan’s Kim Sejeong.

One other notable track by Zico is “Kangaroo,” which he created for Kang Daniel, Park Woo Jin, and Kim Jae Hwan as a part of Wanna One’s unit collaboration projects in 2018. The song brings out the youthful energy of the members and is guaranteed to have you jamming along.

gugudan – “Do It” (2018)

Composition: Ravi, PUFF
Lyrics: Ravi
Arrangement: Ravi, PUFF

VIXX’s Ravi also started out by writing songs for his group before branching out to produce for other artists, as well. Being the supportive sunbae that he is, Ravi has written two tracks for gugudan.

“Do It” from gugudan’s most recent album is a fun disco genre track filled with funky guitar and brass sounds. Ravi has created a catchy chorus and really brings out the girl group’s shining vocals.

IZ*ONE – “Airplane” (2019)

Composition: Lee Dae Hwi, LISH, Simpson
Lyrics: Lee Dae Hwi, So Jay, Jo Yoon Kyung, Jang Yeo Jin
Arrangement: LISH, Simpson

Being born in 2001, AB6IX’s Lee Dae Hwi is the youngest of the idol producers on this list. Despite his young age, Lee Dae Hwi co-produced his group’s debut album and songs for Park Ji Hoon, Yoon Ji Sung, and more. He has demonstrated the wide spectrum of music he can create for groups and solo artists.

Lee Dae Hwi has also shown that he is skilled in writing girl group tracks with “See You Again” for “Produce 48” and “Airplane” for IZ*ONE.

Check out the liveliness of “Airplane” below!

BVNDIT – “Dramatic” (2019)

Composition: Hui, Flow Blow, The Proof
Lyrics: Hui, Flow Blow, The Proof
Arrangement: Flow Blow, The Proof

PENTAGON’s Hui is a rising hit idol producer who is most known for his participation in “Never” from “Produce 101 Season 2,” Wanna One’s “Energetic,” and PENTAGON’s songs including “Shine.”

Lesser known but just as great is “Dramatic” for BVNDIT, the rookie girl group in Chungha’s agency. This was Hui’s first time participating in a girl group song, but he has already demonstrated that he is just as good at it as he is with writing boy group songs!

Are any of these tracks part of your music library? What other idol songs written by other idols are your personal favorites? 

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