MBC Reports Prosecution Took Over Han Seo Hee’s Case Even Before Drug Test Results

MBC reports that the prosecution told the police to forward Han Seo Hee’s case to them even before her drug test results had come out.

The June 20 episode of MBC’s “Newsdesk” included a report on suspicions about the prosecution related to B.I’s alleged drug use case.

On August 31 of 2016, the Yongin Dongbu Police Station was investigating the suspicions about Han Seo Hee related to drugs. However, the case was suddenly turned over to the Suwon District Public Prosecutors’ Office. The day before, Han Seo Hee had completely changed her testimony and stated that she had not given drugs to B.I.

MBC reports that a source from the police investigation team at the time stated, “Additional investigation regarding Han was required, but the prosecution said that since they’ll properly investigate the case related to YG, we should turn over the case right away. An investigative report was quickly written and submitted.”

MBC states that at the time, the police had requested a drug test on Han Seo Hee by the National Forensic Service, but the results had not yet been received.

The National Forensic Service sent the results of Han Seo Hee’s drug test to the police six days later, on September 6. Due to this, the police had to belatedly add the results of her drug test and send them to the prosecution.

MBC reports, “It appears that before even the basic investigation on Han was completed, the case was hurriedly taken over by the prosecution.”

A source from the prosecution has stated, “There are no records of directions for Han’s case to be forwarded.” They added, “At the time, the Suwon District Public Prosecutors’ Office was investigating another YG Entertainment artist, and Han Seo Hee’s testimony was required for that process.”

MBC states that the issue is that although the prosecution took over the case, they did not investigate the suspicions of B.I’s drug use or the process of Han Seo Hee changing her testimony.

After the case was recently forwarded to the Supreme Public Prosecutors’ Office, it will soon be taken over by Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office for investigation.

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