KARD’s BM Gets Hilariously Excited About PENTAGON’s Hongseok’s Men’s Health Cover

PENTAGON’s Hongseok is the latest cover model for Men’s Health Korea magazine, and KARD’s BM couldn’t be more excited!

On June 20, PENTAGON’s official Instagram account posted Hongseok’s cover from the magazine’s upcoming July issue. Shortly afterwards, BM made fans laugh with his enthusiastic show of support for the fellow idol.

The KARD member hilariously commented on the post, “HOOOOOO get it brobro!! MAN TDZ FOR DAYS.”

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#Repost @menshealth__korea . ?맨즈헬스 7월호 표지는 펜타곤 홍석이 장식했습니다. 정글의 법칙 출연을 통해 완전한 야성미를 장착한 그의 모습을 7월호에서 확인하세요. . ?독자 특별부록으로 플렉싱 보디워시 정품으로 준비했습니다. 얼굴, 헤어, 보디를 전부 클렌징할 수 있는 올인원 제품으로 향에 따라 4가지입니다. 취향에 따라 골라서 구입해보세요. 한정 수량이니 제품 소진되기 전에 서두르세요! – #맨즈헬스 #맨즈헬스코리아 #맨즈헬스7월호 #라이프핏매거진 #라이프핏스타일매거진 #운동하는남자 #온라인서점판매중 #인터파크 #알라딘 #교보문고 #홍석 #펜타곤 #정글의법칙 #펜타곤홍석 #핏가이 #핏걸 #menshealthkorea #플렉싱 #플렉싱바디워시

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BM and Hongseok recently traveled to Myanmar together to film an upcoming season of SBS’s “Law of the Jungle.”

The two idols have also snapped photos together at the gym in the past, one of which BM shared on Instagram earlier this month.

BM and Hongseok’s season of “Law of the Jungle” is currently scheduled to begin airing sometime in mid-July. In the meantime, check out the latest episode of the show below!

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