Wanna One’s Donation To Korea Heart Foundation Saves Lives Of 33 Patients

Wanna One has saved many lives with their meaningful donation!

In 2018, the group held the “Heart Light: Turn on the Light of the Heart” campaign and donated 100 million won (approximately $86,600) to the Korea Heart Foundation.

About a year later on June 24, the Korea Heart Foundation shared results of the donation via Instagram.

The organization wrote the following caption:

The 100 million won donated by idol group Wanna One last year has saved the lives of 33 heart disease patients. The ‘Heart Light: Turn on the Light of the Heart’ campaign, which began with leader Yoon Ji Sung’s idea and was boosted with the opinions of the other members, will be remembered by heart disease patients forever.

The images feature a letter written last year from a mother of one of the patients (hereafter referred to as ‘A’), which reads as follows:

To idol group Wanna One,

How can I express this gratitude? I can only say thank you again and again.
I am the mother of ‘A.’
He successfully received pulmonary valve surgery on August 29 this year.
As the mother of a congenital heart defect patient, it is really heartbreaking that he has to receive surgery several times.
This was his third time receiving surgery in which the chest had to be cut open, so it was even more difficult as he received surgery many times.
However, as we have been able to return to our regular lives, we will always live with gratitude to the Wanna One members.
His lips became blue, and he had a difficult time whenever walking up stairs, swimming, or playing sports. After receiving surgery, these symptoms really improved a lot. His complexion has also gotten healthier.

Thank you. This is all thanks to the support of the Korea Heart Foundation and idol group Wanna One. We will be cheering on your music.

As you helped him to be able to grow healthily, I will work hard to raise my child to be someone who gives back for this kindness.

Thank you, and be healthy. I will hope for the success of your music, as well. Thank you.


From my son ‘A’ whom I love and the mother of ‘A’

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아이돌 워너원 그룹이 지난해 기부한 1억원은 심장병환자 33명의 새 생명을 살렸습니다. 리더 윤지성의 아이디어에서 시작하여 멤버들의 의견이 더해진 HEART LIGHT: 심장의 빛을<켜줘>'캠페인은 심장병 환자들에게 영원히 기억 될 것입니다. #감사편지 #선천성심장병 #편지 #편지스타그램 #한국심장재단 #수술비지원 #후원 #기부 #감사 #선천성심장기형 #선천성 #heart #heartfoundation #육아 #폐동맥조직판막수술 #워너원 #결연 #글스타그램 #공감글 #공감 #글귀 #소통 #위로글 #wannaone #심장의빛을켜줘 #심장병환우돕기 #undivided #heartlight #윤지성

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