Reasons Why Viewers Can't Get Enough Of Lee Da Hee In

Charming actress Lee Da Hee has done it once again with tvN’s “Search: WWW”!

Lee Da Hee plays Cha Hyun, the manager of Barro, a portal site that is second only to top site Unicon. She’s a fiercely passionate woman who often has trouble controlling her anger. Along with her perfect visuals and fiery personality, Cha Hyun is also beginning to show a softer and lovelier side, adding to the endless realm of her charms.

In the first episode, Bae Ta Mi (Im Soo Jung) finished a hearing and happened to get herself in the car that belongs to Cha Hyun. Bae Ta Mi had just covered up a fabrication issue regarding her portal site Unicon by saying a member of congress had been involved in a prostitution scandal with someone underage. Addressing her rival, Cha Hyun firmly said, “If you can’t cleanly reveal the truth, don’t get caught up in playing the act of the miserable hero,” leaving a strong first impression on viewers. Her entrance made her rivalry with Bae Ta Mi clear and helped viewers understand the fierceness of her girl crush character as well as the upcoming intensity of the drama.

After a series of events, Bae Ta Mi and Cha Hyun find themselves on the same team, which Cha Hyun stiffly addresses by announcing, “I am only ever going to oppose any of Bae Ta Mi’s suggestions.” Cha Hyun gives alternative solutions and controls Bae Ta Mi, who doesn’t hesitate to move forward with any strategy that will help them beat Unicon. Cha Hyun’s actions made some viewers share, “Although she is sometimes excessive, the more I see her, the more my heart goes out to her for having such righteous values.”

Additionally, Cha Hyun’s exquisite beauty and impressive ideas make for an even more exciting character. While she is always picking a fight with Bae Ta Mi, when Bae Ta Mi finds herself at the top of every search engine due to a bad rumor with a top actor, Cha Hyun is immediately by her side. On top of that, Cha Hyun turns back into her adorable teenage self whenever she’s around her high school senior Song Ga Kyung (Jun Hye Jin), whom she adores.

In last week’s episode, Cha Hyun had a dramatic encounter with Seol Ji Hwan (Lee Jae Wook), the actor in the drama that she regularly enjoys. Unlike his cold and brutal character, Seol Ji Hwan turns out to be an innocent man Cha Hyun immediately falls for. Her unexpected softness impressed many viewers, who made comments like, “My favorite character is Cha Hyun,” “First she was cool, then cute, and now she’s even lovely,” and “I’m curious as to whether or not even the unlucky Cha Hyun will be able to find love.”

“Search: WWW” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 p.m. KST.

Watch last week’s episode with English subtitles here!

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