Girls’ Generation’s YoonA And Jo Jung Suk Can’t Say Enough Good Things About Each Other After Filming “E.X.I.T”

In a recent interview and pictorial for High Cut magazine, Girls’ Generation’s YoonA and Jo Jung Suk talked about their upcoming film “E.X.I.T”!

“E.X.I.T” is a new action film that will follow an unemployed man named Yong Nam (played by Jo Jung Suk) and Eui Joo, a fellow member of his college rock climbing club (played by YoonA), as they attempt to escape a city poisoned by a mysterious toxic gas.

When asked about his decision to star in the film, Jo Jung Suk explained, “I thought that if Jo Jung Suk were to film a disaster movie, it would be something like this. It felt like I would be able to do a good job with it.”

He went on, “I mainly worried about how to make this character as approachable and relatable as possible for the audience. Although the character’s not an obvious hero, he uses the little strength he has to try and save lots of people, and I was drawn to his small-scale heroism.”

Jo Jung Suk also raved about his co-star YoonA, recalling that his “Hit-and-Run Squad” co-star Gong Hyo Jin had told him he was lucky to be working with her.

“When Gong Hyo Jin heard that I was going to act opposite Im YoonA, she told me, ‘You really have great luck when it comes to female co-stars,’ and I think I know now why she said that,” said Jo Jung Suk. “If you watch the movie, you’ll see what I mean. Not just in terms of acting, but as a human being, [YoonA] is a really great person.”

Jo Jung Suk also praised the other members of the cast and crew, remarking, “All of the cast members were [great]. To be honest, the filming set is a tough place for both the cast and the crew, but not a single person on the ‘E.X.I.T’ set let it show. I think that helped make my chemistry with YoonA even better.”

YoonA similarly expressed confidence in the upcoming movie, as well as her portrayal of her character Eui Joo. When asked why she had chosen “E.X.I.T” for her very first starring role in a film, YoonA replied, “Eui Joo is an admirable character who is really dependable and has a strong sense of responsibility. While acting, I tried to let those traits shine through in a natural way.”

The idol-turned-actress continued, “Because [‘E.X.I.T’] is a disaster movie, I thought that it would just be serious and scary, but it wasn’t like that. In between the tense moments, there’s a lot of hidden humor. We really worked hard while filming it, and I think I was able to show new sides of myself that I hadn’t tried before in the past.”

YoonA also praised Jo Jung Suk highly, echoing some of her co-star’s sentiments about her.

“I really received a lot of help from [Jo Jung Suk] on set,” she shared. “He had a lot of ideas about how to express our emotions through acting. We developed great synergy while discussing those kinds of things together.”

Yoona added, “Even off set, he was a really great person and acting partner. Everyone was really envious when they heard that I was going to be filming [a movie] with him, and I think I know now why everyone praises him so much.”

“E.X.I.T” is scheduled to premiere on July 31. In the meantime, check out the trailer for the movie here!

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