Watch: Park Seo Joon And Woo Do Hwan's Film

Upcoming film “The Divine Fury” has released an exciting set of moving posters!

“The Divine Fury” is a supernatural action thriller starring Park Seo Joon as Yong Hoo, a champion fighter who suddenly develops inexplicable wounds in the palms of his hands. In his search for answers, Yong Hoo seeks out Father Ahn, an exorcist from the Vatican (played by veteran actor Ahn Sung Ki). Together, they end up joining forces in a fight against powerful evil forces that wreak havoc on the human world.

As dramatic music plays in the background, the newly released clip of the film’s moving posters teases, “An emissary of God is coming to fight evil.”

The moving posters first hint at a mysterious supernatural power hidden in the palms of Yong Hoo’s hands, which enables him to take control of the possessed. As Park Seo Joon stretches a bleeding hand out towards the camera, the wound in the palm of his hand burns brightly as if set aflame.

The clip then moves on to Father Ahn, who clutches a rosary in prayer as he stares into the camera with determination. The calm, steady look in his eyes reveals his courage and experience in traveling the world to fight all sorts of hidden evils, even if it means putting his own life at risk.

Finally, the clip introduces the character of Ji Shin (played by Woo Do Hwan), a mysterious figure with the ability to exploit others’ weaknesses—and whom Yong Hoo and Father Ahn ultimately embark on a mission to defeat. Ji Shin’s icy gaze, as well as the demonic red light burning within his pupils, hint at the terrifying evil hidden behind the character’s handsome exterior.

“The Divine Fury” is scheduled to premiere on July 31. In the meantime, check out behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of the movie here!

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