Update: EVERGLOW Unable To Perform At KCON 2019 USA

Updated July 10 KST:

EVERGLOW will unfortunately also be unable to perform at KCON 2019 LA.

On July 10, Yuehua Entertainment issued a statement that explained, “CJ ENM, who was in charge of the performer visas for all the artists taking part in KCON 2019, applied for visas according to the procedures. However, EVERGLOW’s U.S. performer visas were not issued.”

They went on to state that Yuehua and CJ ENM had looked for other ways, but they were not able to find a solution, and so EVERGLOW did not appear at KCON 2019 NY. In addition, EVERGLOW’s appearance at KCON 2019 LA in August has also been canceled.

“We express our apologies to the fans who have been waiting and looking forward to meeting EVERGLOW at KCON 2019 NY and KCON 2019 LA,” stated the agency. “We sincerely think of it as unfortunate that we are having to convey this bad news.”

They shared the agency and EVERGLOW members’ hope that KCON 2019 LA will go well, and they expressed their gratitude to fans for loving and supporting EVERGLOW.

Original Article:

KCON 2019 NY has announced that EVERGLOW will be unable to join the event this year.

On July 4, KCON USA shared that the Yuehua Entertainment group will not take part due to unexpected visa issues.

The announcement states, “EVERGLOW shared their sad feelings as they’ve been looking forward to meeting their fans at KCON NY.”

In regards to EVERGLOW’s planned appearance at KCON 2019 LA in August, KCON stated, “Both the EVERGLOW and KCON teams are making every effort to ensure that EVERGLOW will be able to perform at KCON 2019 LA.”

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