7 Times Jungkook Truly Proved He Is BTS's Golden Maknae

At the very beginning of BTS’s career, RM introduced the then-15-year-old Jungkook with the nickname “Golden Maknae” because of his multi-talented singing, rapping, and dancing abilities. The name stuck, and Jungkook has proven his Golden Maknae status over and over again in the years since. While there is no denying that BTS’s youngest member excels in everything he does, here are seven times Jungkook truly shook us with his never-ending talents.

1. When he aced this game of Piano Tiles

In a “Bangtan Bomb” episode from 2015, Jimin filmed Jungkook playing a game of Piano Tiles. His expression was pretty casual as his fingers flew across the screen, and ARMYs were shocked when Jungkook revealed his high scores. You can hear him still slaying the game in the background as Jimin interviews a reticent Yoongi — a true Golden Maknae without even trying!

2. When he nailed this bottle flip

Back when bottle flipping was still a major meme (ah, those were simpler times), V got in on the fun in this “Bangtan Bomb” from 2016. He gives it several tries, and his game attracts the attention of a curious Jungkook. After V’s success on his twelfth attempt, Jungkook gives it a shot — and lands it perfectly on his second try! It seems that his Golden Maknae power extends even to challenges as specific as flipping a plastic water bottle.

3. When he played the saxophone

When BTS appeared on “Star Show 360,” they showed off just a few of their many talents. Jimin danced part of their song “Butterfly,” Jungkook and J-Hope performed a high-energy dance cover of Red Velvet’s “Russian Roulette,” and V demonstrated his saxophone skills. The saxophone is notorious for being difficult to learn, but apparently no one told Jungkook that! With a little help from V, he picks up the instrument and gets some sound out on his first try. V’s shocked expression says it all!

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4. When he slayed at “Idol Star Athletics Championships”

BTS has had a strong showing at every “Idol Star Athletics Championships” they’ve attended — and Jungkook has been no exception. The Golden Maknae has proven his incredible strength in the traditional Korean wrestling (ssireum) event, shown his speed in the relay races, and wowed the crowd with his sharpshooting skills in the archery segment. His athletic prowess is unending!

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5. When he bagged this strike

Speaking of athletic prowess, Jungkook blessed fans with this video of him bowling in January of 2017. The clip may be short, but it’s enough to catch his elegant technique (peep the pointed toe!) and the flawless line the ball makes on its path to obliterating every one of the bowling pins. We don’t know what his score was at the end of the game, but judging from this video it must’ve been amazing!

6. When he crushed “Cham Cham Cham”

BTS held their very first episode of “Run! BTS” when they visited Thailand in 2016. The members played games, held a Q and A, and tried lots of Thai food, starting out the festivities with the Korean game “Cham Cham Cham.” The goal of this game is to point in the same direction that your opponent looks (or look away if you’re the one being challenged). Jungkook knocked Jin, Jimin, and Suga out of the game on his first try all three times, much to his delight and his elders’ dismay. Turns out that it’s really hard to beat the Golden Maknae!

7. When he revealed his artistic abilities

In a “Bangtan Bomb” from earlier this year, Jungkook revealed his behind-the-scenes efforts to recreate a painting of Suga from their short film “WINGS Short Film #1 BEGIN” for their 2018 exhibition. He admits that he’s not an art major, but his piece somehow manages to become an incredibly beautiful (and surprisingly accurate!) representation of the original. What is there that the Golden Maknae can’t do?!

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