7 K-Pop Idol Pairs Who Could Be Mistaken As Siblings

Have you ever gotten a weird feeling of déjà vu when looking at a K-pop star? Does an idol you’re sure you’ve never seen before look strangely familiar? They probably have a K-pop look-alike! As far as I know, none of these stars are siblings — but these pairings look so similar to each other that I’d totally believe they were! Without further ado, here are seven pseudo-siblings that make us swear we’re seeing double.

Disclaimer: We’re only covering guy-girl pairs in this one, but there are definitely other idols with doppelgängers out there in the K-pop world.

WJSN’s Seola and NCT’s Jungwoo

These two idols have a strikingly similar appearance, so it’s no surprise that they are both well-known for their incredibly good looks. From their cute, rounded eyes to their doll-like lips, their features are practically identical. They’re also both vocalists in their respective groups, and they’ve even sported some similar hair colors! I’m completely convinced that these two must have been twins in another life.


IZ*ONE’s Kim Chae Won and Stray Kids’ Felix

When vocalist Kim Chae Won first appeared on “Produce 48” (the third season of Mnet’s trainee survival show “Produce 101”), netizens thought she looked strangely familiar. As it turns out, her soft cheeks and almond-shaped eyes make her a dead ringer for Stray Kids’ rapper Felix! They were even born just 45 days apart.


MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul and BTOB’s Minhyuk

These two are such famous look-alikes that it’s been a hot topic in interviews, and they’ve even taken selfies together! The MAMAMOO rapper also covered Minhyuk’s part in their rendition of the BTOB bop “It’s Okay,” stunning fans with their shockingly similar looks and performance styles. Their parallels even had Minhyuk unsure — he said that he actually checked to make sure that they really weren’t long-lost relatives!

Sulli and Lai Kuanlin

Even though Sulli is Korean and Kuanlin is Taiwanese, their looks are undeniably alike. From doe-like eyes to plush lips to tall foreheads with soft, straight brows, their shared features would totally have us believe that they’re brother and sister. This is definitely a pair that had me doing a double-take!

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Former Wonder Girls member Ahn So Hee and EXO’s Xiumin

The EXO star attracted a lot of attention upon his debut for his good looks, and his incredible resemblance to former Wonder Girls member and actress Ahn So Hee. They have similar eye shapes, the same slightly rounded nose, and even their jawlines look alike! Xiumin starred in a movie himself back in 2016, so I’m holding out hope that we’ll get to see them co-star in a K-drama as a killer sibling pair someday.

Catch Ahn So Hee in the drama “Welcome to Waikiki 2“!

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ITZY’s Yeji and Stray Kids’ Hyunjin

Felix isn’t the only Stray Kids member with a K-pop idol look-alike — fellow rapper Hyunjin also has one, in the form of ITZY leader (and JYP labelmate) Yeji! These two idols mesmerize with their sultry cat-like eyes and defined features, and fans were quick to notice how similar their looks are.


EXID’s Hani and B.A.P.’s Daehyun

Hani is the face of her group EXID, and Daehyun is the face of his group B.A.P. — which is hilariously coincidental because they have very similar faces! They have charmingly wide eyes, high nose bridges, and even the same plump lips. They’re also both the main vocalists of their respective groups, so maybe it’s not just facial features that they have in common!


What idol pairs do you know that look alike? Tell us in the comments below!

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