Upcoming Fantasy Starring Jung Kyung Ho And Park Sung Woong Drops New Character Posters

tvN’s upcoming drama “When the Devil Calls Your Name” has revealed new character posters for the main cast.

The drama, starring Jung Kyung Ho, Park Sung Woong, Lee Seol, and Lee El, is a comic fantasy about a star songwriter named Ha Rip (played by Jung Kyung Ho) who sells his soul to the devil in exchange for success. However, when he finds out that the deal came at the price of the talent and life of a young girl, he tries to set things right.

The first poster features Jung Kyung Ho’s character before and after he sells his soul: the aged, unsuccessful singer Seo Dong Chun and the famous songwriter Ha Rip. The copy reads, “My talent is mine, my wealth is mine, and my soul is mine,” revealing his determination to not lose anything.

Park Sung Woong plays the gentle, well-loved top star Mo Tae Gang, who has been possessed by the devil. Behind him is the shadow of the horned devil, facing Ha Rip. He says, “The devil feeds on the desperation of humans. Will you sell your soul?”

Lee Seol is the songwriter Kim Yi Kyung, whose song Ha Rip steals. Nothing goes her way in life, but her passion for music is unrivaled. One day, Ha Rip shows up in her life and helps her get her voice out to the world. Her poster reads, “It’s mine. It’s not Ha Rip’s song, it’s mine!”

Playing Ji Seo Young, Ha Rip’s helper, is Lee El, who sports a shock of short white hair in her new role. Ji Seo Young is the only one who knows how to handle the highly particular Ha Rip, and she’s perfect but for one thing: she loves Mo Tae Kang, her ex-boyfriend who’s currently possessed by the devil. She says, “My ex-boyfriend, he’s still disgustingly sexy.”

“When the Devil Calls Your Name” is set to air after the conclusion of “Search: WWW” on July 31 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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