8 Of The Most Memorable OTP Moments From “Search: WWW”

Search: WWW” has been hitting all the right notes with all the right feels, especially with the love line between Park Mo Geun (Jang Ki Yong) and Bae Ta Mi (Im Soo Jung). The journey and emotional rollercoaster of Ta Mi and Mo Geun’s relationship is so heart-wrenchingly realistic and so perfectly romantic that we’ve totally invested ourselves in their world. Their love story is epic, and could even be considered one of the best this year. Here’s a look at eight of the pair’s best moments that will be hard to get over.

Warning: spoilers for the drama below!

1. That poetic iPad scene

When Ta Mi and Mo Geun first meet, there are some undeniable fireworks between the two. After a hard day at work, Ta Mi goes to an arcade to play her favorite game. She has many challengers, but none are able to beat her until Park Mo Geun shows up and defeats her. The two end up having drinks together, talking the night away.

During this time, Mo Geun shares a song with Ta Mi that no one else has heard. He’s a music director for video games, and he lets Ta Mi listen to the particular soundtrack for a game that involves a love story.

The scene is so enchanting and romantic because you can feel the love blossoming between the two. It totally gives off the Romeo and Juliet-esque feel of falling in love at first sight, and it’s pretty epic. It’s also from this scene that you realize their romance is going to be a great one.

2. Mo Geun wanting to be a part of Ta Mi’s world

To say that Mo Geun is persistent when it comes to winning over Ta Mi’s heart is an understatement. He’s willing to be a part of her world even if it means not being in an exclusive relationship with her. He just wants to be close to her, which is so darn endearing and one of the many reasons why he’s stolen our hearts throughout this series.

When Mo Geun ends up walking a drunk Ta Mi home, he’s more than open about his feelings for her.

So darn cute!

3. Mo Geun’s confession

After Ta Mi’s relentless rejection of Mo Geun’s advances, she finally decides to completely cut off contact with him. She agrees to meet with him in hopes that she can tell him that she no longer wants to see him.

When Ta Mi tells him that she doesn’t want to see him anymore because they were just a one night stand, Mo Geun wears his heart on his sleeve and tells her his genuine feelings. He tells her that he likes her, and to not dismiss their potential relationship.

With the flower petals floating in the air and the background music, this confession scene was so romantic. It’s definitely one of the epic moments from the beginning of the series that marked the start of the Mo Geun syndrome.

4. “The only thing I can offer is getting rained on with you.”

After Ta Mi becomes mistakenly intertwined in Han Min Kyu’s scandal, she becomes the most searched for topic online. It is rumored that Han Min Kyu (Byun Woo Seok) had a sponsor with a director of a search engine platform, and because Ta Mi already has a reputation from a previous scandal, everyone assumes it’s her.

Needless to say, Ta Mi is upset by the bad news, especially because Min Kyu has a large fan base. When a few of them show up and throw eggs at her, Ta Mi runs off to her secret hiding place and breaks down. In the midst of this, Mo Geun shows up and comforts her.

He doesn’t ask her what’s wrong, but instead just reassures her that he’s there for her, and that he’ll get caught in the rain with her. It was the most perfect thing anyone could say in this situation.

5. That irresistible Mo Geun scene with the new haircut

Ta Mi takes her time deciding if she wants to be in a relationship with Mo Geun. Because she’s busy with work, Mo Geun takes it upon himself to visit her at the office. But of course, he doesn’t just show up. He shows up looking like this:


His irresistible charm makes it hard for Ta Mi (and all of us) to concentrate.

Ta Mi is without a doubt attracted to Mo Geun, and it was cute seeing how the two connect so intensely!

6. The elevator scene

After repeatedly trying to convince Ta Mi of why she should be with him, Mo Geun decides to finally throw in the towel. As he walks her to her door for the last time, he’s obviously heartbroken. So when the two go their separate ways, Ta Mi instantly regrets her decision and runs to the elevator. It’s a monumental moment that had us seriously squealing. And because the greatness of this scene can’t be communicated through GIFs, here’s the video of it. It needs to be watched over and over again, because it’s just that legendary.

“Should I not go?”

It was hard seeing Mo Geun’s failure to get through to Ta Mi, which is why this scene was so emotional to watch. Seeing Ta Mi’s walls come crashing down is such a grand moment, and the whole cinematography of the scene makes it even more unforgettable.

Also, we can’t forget to mention that moment shortly after the elevator scene when Mo Geun makes Ta Mi promise him that she won’t dump him the next morning.

The butterflies!

7. Mo Geun opening up about his past

With Mo Geun and Ta Mi finally official, Mo Geun opens up to Ta Mi about his difficult past. He’s been through a lot, and he tells Ta Mi all about it. The way in which he reveals his past is so natural and comforting at the same time that it’s like a weight is being lifted off his shoulders as he tells her.

8. “I love you”

After Ta Mi and Mo Geun get in a little fight about the status of their future and getting married, Ta Mi reveals her true feelings for Mo Geun. She tells him that she loves him, which is a big deal mainly because she’s been struggling to let her walls down when it comes to falling in love with Mo Geun.

When Mo Geun hears these words, the look on his face says it all. After constantly being anxious about his relationship with Ta Mi and fearing that she would let him go, Ta Mi saying that she loves him is the security that he’s been waiting for.

9. Bonus: Ji Hwan hugging Cha Hyun and saying, “I like you”

While they aren’t our main couple, this couple is just too cute not to mention. In this scene, Cha Hyun (Lee Da Hee) helps Seol Ji Hwan (Lee Jae Wook) rehearse his lines for his drama. The particular scene that they rehearse is a bit intense and involves him being mean, which catches Cha Hyun off-guard. Ji Hwan immediately feels bad about it and hugs her, apologizing for the abrasive lines.

He explains that his other character has softer lines, and gives her an example by saying, “I like you.” He also admits that his feelings for Cha Hyun are confusing, leading her to believe that his feelings for her are probably genuine.

It’s amazing when it’s not only the main couple that’s worth watching. I’m also glad that this K-drama showcases Lee Jae Wook as an actor. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of him from here on out!

Here’s to hoping for a happy ending for all the couples in the finale! Fingers crossed!

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