Actress Ha Yeon Joo Calls For Harsher Punishments On Hidden Camera Criminals

Actress Ha Yeon Joo has spoken out against perpetrators of illegal filming crimes.

On July 10, the actress took to Instagram to post the following message:

It was recently revealed that male drivers of a car transportation service illegally filmed female passengers and made sexually charged comments about them in a group chatroom. Prior to this case, I saw other instances in the news of male group chatrooms being similar to this or even worse.

In many male community [sites], illegally filmed footage and comments and posts filled with sexual harassment are being shared. The constant occurrence of illegal filming can be reduced only when everyone knows that it is a crime to post “illegally filmed footage,” “share illegally filmed footage,” and upload “posts and comments containing sexual harassment” to the community and chatrooms, and that the perpetrator is severely punished.

As soon as I shared this on Facebook, the male announcer’s illegal filming scandal [was exposed] the very next day. Can you please punish these [criminals] of illegal filming.

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차량 호출 플랫폼 ‘타다’의 남자 기사들이 단체 채팅방에서 여성 승객을 불법 촬영하거나 성희롱 발언을 한 것이 최근 밝혀졌습니다. 이 사건 이전에 이미 뉴스에서 남성 채팅방에서 이와 비슷하거나 더 심한 일들이 일어난 것을 보았습니다. 그것이 비단 채팅방에서만 일어나는 일일까요? 많은 남성 커뮤니티에서 불법촬영물, 성희롱 게시글, 댓글들이 공유되고 있습니다. 하루가 멀다 하고 끊임없이 일어나는 불법 촬영물 사건은 ‘불법 촬영’과 ‘불법 촬영물 공유’, ‘성희롱 게시글과 댓글’들을 커뮤니티와 채팅방에 올리는 행동이 ‘범죄’라는 걸, 가해자가 엄벌에 처해진 다는 걸 모두가 알고 있어야 줄어들 수 있을 것입니다. 불법 촬영 가해자가 엄벌에 처해지길 바랍니다. . . #페북에공유하자마자다음날남자아나운서불법촬영사건.. #촬영숙소에서여성출연자불법촬영한남자스탭_집행유예선고.. #불법촬영범죄좀엄벌에처해주세요

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Ha Yeon Joo made this post after several illegal filming crimes were exposed in the news. Former SBS anchorman Kim Sung Joon recently made headlines after being accused of illegally filming a woman at a subway station in Seoul. This was after reports emerged that male drivers of a car transportation service had sexually harassed female passengers. Comments and posts containing sexual harassment also frequently circulate online.

Meanwhile, Han Yeon Joo recently appeared in KBS2’s “Left-Handed Wife” as Esther Jang.

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