Watch: “Produce X 101” Previews Intense Ranking Ceremony In Teaser For Episode 11

“Produce X 101” shared a preview for episode 11!

The next episode of the Mnet survival show will feature the third ranking ceremony, which determines which trainees are heading into the live finale.

In a preview released on July 12 KST, host Lee Dong Wook is first shown sitting in the No. 1 seat. “Wooseok always sits here, doesn’t he?” he says to the trainees. “Will he sit here today too?”

The trainees are then shown being puzzled over how there is a chair on stage with the number 21 written on it, with one contestant wondering if it means the Top 21 will survive this elimination. Lee Han Gyul asks if that means there’s no “X” in this round, and Kim Yo Han says it could be 22 people including the “X.”

Lee Dong Wook tells the trainees, “I was really surprised when I looked at my cue cards just now.” He also says in another scene, “I think this is the first time.” A close up is shown of Koo Jung Mo’s face as someone says, “He was No. 5 last time though,” and Son Dong Pyo says he thinks Lee Jin Woo may have dropped in the ranks.

The preview also shows VICTON’s Choi Byung Chan’s empty chair, after it was announced on July 11 that he left the competition due to health reasons.

When Lee Dong Wook announces that he’ll be revealing the last trainee who will be able to join them on stage, a split screen of four trainees is shown, including Kang Min Hee, Lee Se Jin, Lee Jin Woo, and MYTEEN’s Kim Kook Heon.

Finally, Lee Jin Woo is comforted by fellow trainees as he says, “I wanted us all to do the live broadcast together.”

Watch the clip below!

“Produce X 101” episode 11 airs on July 12 at 11 p.m. KST.

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