Industry Representatives Raise Questions About Ailee’s Absence In Music Shows For Latest Comeback

Industry representatives have commented on Ailee’s cancelled broadcast activities.

Recently, Ailee made a comeback for the first time in two years and eight months with her second album “butterFLY.” However, despite her long-awaited comeback, she has not been present in any official music show stages.

On July 2, Ailee held her comeback showcase in which she talked about participating in the songwriting, choreographing, recording, and overall producing of the album. She shared, “While working on the album for two and a half years, I put so much attention [into the album] that I was switching the title track once a month.”

In particular, she wanted to showcase a new side of herself, focusing on performance rather than just singing high notes. Before her comeback, she explained in various V LIVES that due to the intensity of the choreography, she would be using a pin microphone for the first time rather than a hand microphone.

However, since her showcase, she has yet to perform her title track “Room Shaker” at any official music show broadcasts despite having performed her previous title tracks on music broadcast shows. One industry representative shared with fn star, “While it can’t be said that music show broadcast activities are a necessity with a comeback, it differs depending on the singer’s concept and strategy. For ballads, one can showcase the song through social media content outside of TV broadcasts. However, in the case of dance music, it’s common to fundamentally do music show broadcasts. This is because appearing in TV broadcasts is the best method besides music videos to showcase a performance full of movement. There’s a limit to showcasing a singer’s vivid stage through social media content.”

While there are singers who don’t participate in promotional activities after releasing an album, they tend to also not partake in variety programs. However, Ailee has recently featured in KBS2’s “Hello Counselor,” SBS’s “Night of Real Entertainment,” SBS PowerFM’s “Cultwo Show,” and more.

One broadcast representative shared, “Before Ailee’s comeback, there were plans for her to appear on various broadcasts, but they were canceled.” When fn star attempted to contact the shows and representatives tied to the cancellation of Ailee’s appearance, they stated, “Please confirm through Ailee’s side.”

Currently, Ailee is carrying out her activities through a one-man company since leaving YMC Entertainment. She’s been meeting fans through various busking events, guerrilla concerts, and social media. If you haven’t already, check out Ailee’s comeback MV here.

Catch the latest episode of “Night of Real Entertainment” with Ailee below!

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