Oh Seung Yun To Be Removed From “Love Me Actually” And “Melo Is My Nature” Due To Recent Controversy

MBC’s “Love Me Actually” and JTBC’s “Melo is My Nature” have announced their decisions on Oh Seung Yun.

On July 11, it was reported that Oh Seung Yun was booked for aiding and abetting drunk driving, which his agency released a statement about. He had tried to stop “A,” the woman he was with, from driving under the influence of alcohol but was unable to.

Since then, the two programs have announced that they will be making changes regarding Oh Seung Yun. “Love Me Actually” released their statement which reads as follows:

The “Love Me Actually” team was shocked to hear of actor Oh Seung Yun’s news, and we are very taken aback. We quickly spoke with his agency to understand the situation and had an internal discussion before releasing this statement.

We understand that viewers may feel uncomfortable seeing Oh Seung Yun appearing on our show, and from this week’s episode, will edit him out as much as possible without disrupting the flow of the story that involves his interaction with other participants.

As filming took place before the incident, completely editing him out could cause great damages to the other participants and the program as a whole, so some scenes with his image may be broadcasted and we ask for your deep understanding.

Individual cuts with Oh Seung Yun will be removed from the program and we will do our best to make sure our viewers do not feel any discomfort.

JTBC’s upcoming Friday-Saturday drama has also released a statement as the actor was expected to make a regular appearance.

They stated, “The staff has decided to change out Oh Seung Yun with another actor as he was recently booked for aiding and abetting drunk driving.” They added, “As we will be reshooting all scenes from episodes 1 to 14 that Oh Seung Yun filmed and will undergo some reorganization as a result, our premiere date has been delayed to August 9 at 10:50 p.m. KST. We apologize for bringing out drama to viewers at a later date than intended.”

The drama was originally scheduled to premiere on July 26, meaning that it will now be delayed by two weeks as the drama finds a replacement for the actor.

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