Watch: “Produce X 101” Gives Fun Look Backstage Of Concept Evaluation

“Produce X 101” delighted fans with a glimpse of the contestants behind the scenes!

On July 12, the show shared a new video of the trainees getting ready for their concept evaluation, in which they were divided into five teams to perform original songs.

When asked what their strength is compared to other teams, Kim Kook Heon made the rest of the “MOVE” team laugh when he said “We’re old.” Cho Seung Youn said, “I’m not sure if it’s okay if I say this, but we have good physiques.”

Lee Jin Woo of the “Pretty Girl” team said their strength is that they’re handsome, and Kang Min Hee said, “No, we have to be pretty.” Son Dong Pyo also named their age as their biggest advantage.

The “Monday to Sunday” team showed off their cute introductions, as well as one of the key points of their choreography.

While the team working on “U GOT IT” practiced hard, Son Dong Pyo stood outside watching with a “tear” on his face. When asked what their strength is, Kim Yo Han made himself cringe and laugh when he said their six members are all sexy, which fits with the song’s concept.

On which member is the sexiest, Kim Yo Han gestured to Han Seung Woo and said, “As the eldest, he has years of experience.” He then asked Han Seung Woo to show off his moaning, and they all laughed when Han Seung Woo did it right into his ear.

The “Super Special Girl” team showed off their teamwork as they pulled off a perfect harmony for their introduction.

The video then showed fans behind the scenes of the concept evaluations, where the trainees worked hard and shined on stage! There are also many fun scenes of the guys watching each other perform and preparing backstage.

Check it out below:

“Produce X 101” airs on Fridays at 11 p.m. KST on Mnet.

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