Agency Of Taecyeon, So Ji Sub, And Yoon Chae Sung Issues Statement Regarding Privacy Invasion

On July 12, the agency 51K of artists including 2PM’s Taecyeon, So Ji Sub, and Yoon Chae Sung released a new statement regarding the recent violation of their artists’ privacy.

On their official Instagram, 51K uploaded a picture of their official statement in both Korean and English regarding privacy violation and malicious commenters. Recently, Taecyeon spoke out against the online harassment of members of 2PM and even launched his own Instagram after a stalker made fake accounts using his email address.

Below is 51K’s full English statement:

We would like to say that we really appreciate your love towards the 51K artists. However, some fans’ repeated acts of violating the privacy of the artists are causing serious problems.

Some fans continue to damage the artists’ personal lives by violating their privacy. Their undesirable behaviors put the artists into extremely stressful condition.

We, 51K, will no longer let people continue the following vicious actions: indiscreet attempt to communicate through the artists’ personal contact [information], which were acquired illegally, and posting rumors about the artists.

[People who are infringing on] privacy and spreading malicious rumors can be sued, accused, and be criminally punishable for cyber libel and defamation.

We will actively respond to further actions that happen after this announcement and will do our best to keep artists’ right[s] through monitoring and rapid reaction.

Once again, we thank everyone who support our artists as always.

Thank you.

After enlisting in September 2017, Taecyeon was discharged from the military this May. In July 2018, Taecyeon moved to the agency 51K, and he will continue to work as an actor as well as an active member of 2PM.

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