HaHa Wishes Lee Kwang Soo Happy Birthday With Heartfelt Post

HaHa had nothing but love for “Running Man” co-star Lee Kwang Soo on his birthday!

On July 14, HaHa celebrated his friend and co-star’s birthday by posting a photo of Lee Kwang Soo throwing a cup of water on him.

He wrote, “To Kwang Soo, whom I love. I sincerely wish you a happy birthday! Ever since my bachelor years, there’s been no younger friend with whom I feel more comfortable than you. My thoughtful and considerate friend… my younger friend who sometimes seems like a teacher… my friend who sometimes seems like a tender-hearted baby. As the photo shows, I’m going to be on your side no matter what you do. When you walk a flower path covered with gold, silver, and jewels, I’ll stand behind you and applaud you… and when you walk a lonely path covered in thorns, I’ll walk alongside you. When we feel frustrated because our lives are in a fog and we can’t see the future, let’s hold hands tightly. I love you, my friend!”

HaHa added in the hashtags, “Lee Kwang Soo,” “HaHa,” “My friend,” “Happy Birthday,” “I love you,” “You’re a traitor but you’re also the best at being loyal,” “Punk who earned money through betrayal,” and “Loyalty.”

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사랑하는 우리 광수야… @masijacoke850714 진심으로 생일축하해~~!!❤️❤️ 엉아가 총각때부터 함께했을때 너만큼 편한 동생이 없었다.. 속깊고 배려심넘치는 내동생.. 가끔은 스승같은 동생..가끔은 여린 아가같은 동생~~ 사진에서 말하듯..(ㅅㅂ..)니가 뭘해도 형은 너 편일거야.. 너가 금은보화 꽃길을 걸을때면 뒤에서 박수쳐주고.. 외롭고 고독한 가시밭길을걸을땐 함께 걸어줄게~~ # 우리네 인생이 안개속 앞이 보이지않아 답답할때… 손이라도잡고있자..꼬옥…?❤️ 사랑한다 내동생!! —————————————————————————— #이광수 #하하 #내동생 #생일축하해 #사랑해 #배신자지만의리하나는최고 #배신으로돈벌은놈 #의리

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Lee Kwang Soo also took to Instagram to thank his fans on his birthday. He wrote, “I sincerely thank everyone who congratulated me on my 35th birthday. The fact that you remember my birthday every year and send me such sincere letters, gifts, support, and birthday wishes always gives me lots of strength. I will always do my best so that I can repay you for this undeserved love and only show you good things.”

Watch HaHa and Lee Kwang Soo in “Running Man” with English subtitles below!

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