“Produce X 101” Trainee Keum Dong Hyun’s Agency To Take Legal Action On Malicious Rumors

C9 Entertainment has posted a firm warning against those spreading malicious rumors about the ranking of “Produce X 101” trainee Keum Dong Hyun.

On July 15, the agency shared the following statement:

Hello. This is C9 Entertainment.

We express sincere gratitude to the fans who always send loving support to our artists and trainees.

There are currently groundless rumors being posted recklessly via social media about our trainee Keum Dong Hyun’s ranking being manipulated.

The user IDs of those posting these rumors and screenshots of their posts are being sent to us in large quantities of PDF files, and they are completely false [rumors] that are not even worth reviewing.

As a result, we plan on taking legal action according to civil and criminal law on all false posts that are found from this point forward, so we earnestly request for the posts already uploaded to be deleted immediately and for the termination of the spread of false rumors.

We ask for continuous interest and love for all of the 101 trainees who spend every moment working their hardest towards their dreams.

Thank you.

Keum Dong Hyun is currently competing on “Produce X 101” and ranked No. 10 on the most recent episode. The finale of the program is set to air on July 19 at 8 p.m. KST.

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