HaHa Shares Photos And Sweet Message About The Birth Of His Daughter

HaHa recently posted on social media about the birth of his daughter.

On July 15, HaHa and Byul welcomed their third child into the world, following the births of their two sons in 2013 and 2017.

On July 16, HaHa took to Instagram to share some photos from the birth, including one in which he holds his newborn daughter. He wrote:

Thank you to everyone who congratulated us. Our youngest daughter, Song Yi, came into her mother’s arms at 12:47 p.m. (KST) on July 15. Go Eun [Byul’s real name] and Song Yi are both healthy! Thank you to everyone who was concerned on our behalf. I didn’t do anything yesterday except stay by Go Eun’s side!

The first child, the second child… (I was prepared for this.) A third child… For someone like me… I can’t believe it myself haha. That immature kid is starting a new stage of his life as a father of multiple children! I am so happy and full of emotion, but I also feel the weight of responsibility. There will be difficulties ahead as an incomplete, human man tries to become more complete, but knowing that there is such huge happiness in store has made my footsteps lighter! I want to thank my family again for helping me fill the spots in which I am lacking. Kim Go Eun… my wife is a superhero in my mind. She was far more brave than me, smiling even though I was shaking in the delivery room (I thought she wouldn’t notice… I had no charisma). I respect you a lot! Go Eun, who only smiled until the birth of our second child (it was amazing… she was my hero since the birth of our first child), started sobbing when Song Yi first started crying. I also cried… I’m sure many fathers will relate but in the delivery room, all fathers can do is pray. They can’t feel the pain or help the doctors… When I see the pain of labor, which I can’t even begin to imagine, I feel so sorry for not being able to do anything… I want to apologize again for not being able to do anything for my wife… That feeling always comes back around like a revolving lantern… I felt so sorry that I cried too.

Go Eun! Let’s keep holding hands like we did today. Thank you for choosing me! I always dreamed of being a superhero, but you achieved that for me instead. I am a husband who is lacking in many ways… When you don’t like me or when I break a promise (which will inevitably happen, though I will try my best), hit me with your ultra super turbo high kick beam! Thank you so much for filling up the days that were lacking in happiness and making a family with me. I can give you all my possessions by this point (but debt is also included)… I love you, honey! What? What? I’m going to express everything I want today! What? What are you looking at? Ahem! And as for Park Geun Shik, who arrived at the same time as my wife’s labor pains! You’re crazy. My wife’s expression didn’t look good so I hid it [in the photo]. LOL. And thank you to the crazy Sang Gyun for bringing the sister-in-law. I love you!

Thank you, God, from a family that knows the happiness of being together, looking out at the stars. I love you.

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