Female Idols Who Make Stunning Blondes

Idols are known for trying all kinds of hair styles and colors, but some like to do a complete 180-degree transformation from their natural dark locks to golden blonde. The result is a fresh, new look that is sure to stand out and remain memorable to fans.

Here is a list of female celebrities who became even more beautiful once they went blonde!


After becoming blonde, Rosé continues to serve looks day after day. Her long, golden hair matches well with her bright skin and makes her look like a character straight out of an anime.

Red Velvet’s Seulgi

The Red Velvet member recently dyed her hair platinum blonde for the group’s “RBB” comeback. Fans did not hold back with their compliments and often compared her to a fairy.


Although Chungha has previously rocked darker hair, she wowed fans when she came back with her fourth mini album as a blonde. Her new hairstyle successfully transformed her whole look and boosted her charms.

TWICE’s Sana

For TWICE’s “Fancy” promotions back in April, Sana sported pretty blonde locks. When coupled with her cute features, she looked just like a Barbie doll.


Sunmi has often been complimented for looking great with dark hair, but she proved she could also pull off blonde perfectly! She was the prime example of a “blonde bombshell” when she briefly had lighter locks last year.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon is no stranger to blonde hair, having sported it multiple times throughout her extensive career. Whether it is short or long, this veteran idol pulls off her golden tresses effortlessly.

Apink’s Naeun

The Apink member is touted for looking good in any hairstyle, and blonde hair is certainly one of them. Although she doesn’t go blonde too frequently, when she does, it leaves a big impression.

LOONA’s Gowon and JinSoul

LOONA’s JinSoul made a splash when she debuted with platinum blonde hair in her “Singing in the Rain” music video, and she has maintained the color ever since. Not too long after, her fellow member Gowon joined her as part of the blonde crew, and together they look stunning with their golden locks.

MAMAMOO’s Wheein

MAMAMOO’s Wheein has previously rocked long, strawberry-blonde hair, but during the group’s “Starry Night” promotions, she went for an even more dramatic change by sporting a short, platinum blonde look. The transformation left fans stunned at her alluring charm.


MOMOLAND’s JooE was eye-catching with her blonde hair and refreshing energy when the group rocketed to fame with their hit song “BBoom BBoom.” Although she has since proven she can look good in any hair color (even pink!), her platinum blonde pigtails will remain one of her most iconic looks.


CL is one of the representative girl crushes in the K-pop scene, and blonde hair is one of the staples of her fierce look. When paired with her sharp winged eyeliner, she truly is “The Baddest Female.”


HyunA has experimented with everything from brown to red to blue hair, but her blonde hair is one of her stand-out looks. Her light locks during her “Roll Deep” era in particular boosted her visuals and helped her command the stage.

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