11 Times Idols Spilled The Beans With Their Funniest TMIs

TMI stands for “too much information” in English, and in Korean, the phrase is literally used to represent a whole host of out-of-pocket facts and stories. TMIs can come from specific variety show segments designed to get idols to spill their deepest secrets, from Q and As with fans, from other group members, or even be willingly divulged by the idols themselves. Whether it’s a hilarious anecdote, fun fact, or even a personal habit, it’s always great to get to know your favorite star just a little bit better. Without further ado, let’s dive in to some of the best, juiciest, most LOL-inducing idol TMIs we’ve seen so far.

1. DAY6’s Dowoon

This game of “Would You Rather” with the members of DAY6 started out fairly normal, but the TMI factor quickly escalated when Jae gave the members the choice between a photographic memory or the ability to forget anything they choose. DAY6 maknae Dowoon chose the ability to forget a little too quickly, leaving the other members wondering what exactly it is that Dowoon is so eager to get behind him. He admits that he’d rather forget the time he ate some ants when he was young, and the others jumped in with the regrettable things they’d eaten in their childhoods (including pill bugs and crayons!) The info had everyone cracking up, and their laughter is just as hilarious as the shameless TMIs.

2. Red Velvet’s Wendy

In their “Zimzalabim” comeback V Live, the members of Red Velvet were suddenly prompted to share a TMI. At first they struggled to come up with a juicy secret for the fans until it came to Wendy. She was quickly prompted by Irene to share her experience with an unfortunately-placed mosquito bite, and she reluctantly complied. Wendy started laughing so much at her own predicament that she had a hard time finishing her drink, and the members were so mortified by her TMI that they quickly ended the segment and moved on. It’s safe to say that Red Velvet is never going to let her live this one down!

(The TMI segment begins around 58:00.)

3. MONSTA X’s Hyungwon

This MONSTA X TMI doesn’t just come with a story, but an entire compilation to back it up! Hyungwon is notorious for his ability to sleep through pretty much anything, and fellow member Kihyun shared that he’s basically impossible to wake up. Kihyun said that in order to wake up MONSTA X’s sleeping beauty, he has to just keep yelling and hitting him with various household items — and even then, it often takes so long that it makes Kihyun late in the process! Equal parts cute and hilarious, this is a TMI-slash-habit that Monbebes adore.


Lisa is another idol with a hilarious sleeping habit, as explained by fellow BLACKPINK member Rosé in a game of “Kill or Love.” The singer said that Lisa has a habit of sleeping with her arm raised coolly over her head, and then waking with it still held up — almost like she’s ready to cheer someone on or answer a question in class! This TMI is proof that BLACKPINK’s dancing queen never fails to stay fabulous, even when she’s asleep.

(Lisa’s habit is revealed at 51:30.)

5. BTOB’s Sungjae

The “1theK Original” segment “Ask In A Box” is a veritable gold mine of amazing TMIs, and BTOB did not disappoint when they appeared on an episode in 2017. The members were their usual loud and energetic selves, alternating between roasting each other and exposing member secrets while they answered fans’ questions. One TMI stemmed straight from a fan question — apparently, vocalist’s Sungjae’s feet smell like blueberries! The other members were quick to deny it, but Sungjae swore up and down that his feet really do smell like the fruit. Truth or not, this is one hilariously random TMI.

(TMI alert at 4:15.)

6. (G)I-DLE’s Soojin

Soojin’s secret TMI was exposed by fellow (G)I-DLE member Miyeon, and she did not seem thrilled about it! While Miyeon makes it clear that she’s not talking about Soojin picking her nose on “Idol League,” the way that she phrases her TMI sure makes it sound like she does. While Soojin admits that there are times when she does pick her nose (and everyone else agrees that there are times when it’s called for!), she clarifies that there are a lot of times when her nose is just itchy. Poor Soojin — betrayed by the TMI!

(Check out 4:05 for the full exposure.)

7. BTS’s RM

While RM’s TMI may not be such an unusual secret (doesn’t everyone love to belt out a good NU’EST bop while they’re in the shower?), it’s his and Suga’s recreation of his miniature shower-concerts that makes this such a funny one. When the boys of BTS appeared on the “New Yang Nam Show” in 2017, Suga revealed that RM often sings NU’EST’s “Hello” while he’s showering. This of course prompted a quick example, and the hosts loved his passionate singing. (Even his toes got in on it!) RM’s dedication to every performance, even the TMI ones, is just one of the many reasons ARMYs love him.

(The shower-time TMI begins at 21:45.)

8. TWICE’s Chaeyoung

When TWICE appeared on “Ask In A Box” while promoting their comeback “Dance the Night Away,” the members wowed fans with their amazing friendships and great reactions. TWICE looked like they were having a great time answering fan questions, and revealed some hilarious TMIs in the process. One particularly memorable TMI is Chaeyoung’s noisy way of brushing her teeth — Nayeon said that they can hear it even when they’re a floor away! Both the members’ imitations and Chaeyoung’s added details caused laughter to break out in the group and among viewers. Her spirited brushing has certainly paid off, because Chaeyoung’s smile was beaming throughout the Q and A!

(Check out 5:00 if you want to get straight to the toothbrush TMI.)

9. GOT7’s Yugyeom

It must be some sort of requirement among JYP artists to have a unique way of brushing your teeth, because GOT7’s maknae Yugyeom also has a hilarious tooth-brushing habit. BamBam said instead of swishing after Yugyeom brushes his teeth, he just fills his mouth with water and then shakes his head like a puppy! The maknae line all seemed to be in on Yugyeom’s habit (peep Youngjae’s shameless imitation!), and the result is some classic GOT7 TMI extra-ness.

(This entire video is TMI hilarity, but Yugyeom’s is at 6:00.)

10. Apink’s Son Naeun

In this “Ask In A Box” episode with the members of Apink, a fan asked about Son Naeun’s habit of dropping things. Naeun revealed that her ability to drop everything she holds is still alive and well, even referencing a picture from their visit to Japan during which Naeun dropped a slice of pizza topping-side-down onto Yoon Bomi’s phone! Bomi complained that her phone always smelled like pizza whenever she made a call after the unfortunate incident, and the other members jumped right in with other hilarious Naeun TMIs that they’d witnessed. Oops!

11. EXO’s Kai

The last TMI comes from EXO member Kai, and was exposed by Chanyeol during their “Ask In A Box” episode for their “Overdose” comeback. One fan question asked the members how they’d saved each others’ contacts in their phones, and Chanyeol came right out and said that Kai doesn’t even have the other members’ numbers saved in his phone! The expressions of his fellow EXO stars range from shocked to mildly offended, and Kai’s embarrassment at Chanyeol’s TMI betrayal is equally as hilarious.

Do you have any favorite idol TMIs? What’s the greatest TMI reveal you’ve ever seen? Let us know in the comments!

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