Lai Kuanlin's Legal Reps Respond To Cube Entertainment's Latest Statement On Contract Termination Request

Lai Kuanlin’s legal representative Chaeum Attorneys At Law has released a statement in response to Cube Entertainment.

On July 23, Chaeum released their second official statement as a response to the one from Cube Entertainment earlier in the day. Lai Kuanlin has currently filed to terminate his contract with the agency on the grounds that they sold his management rights to a third party. In their latest statement, Cube denied that there were any grounds for the termination.

Chaeum’s newest statement reads as follows:

Hello, this is lawyer Park Sung Woo from Chaeum Attorneys At Law, the legal representative of singer Lai Kuanlin.

We would like to share our response to the points made by Cube Entertainment on July 23, 2019.

Chaeum Attorneys At Law was given all rights by Lai Kunalin himself to act as his legal representative in all matters including filing requests and submitting evidence. Cube Entertainment’s request for evidence of qualification of representation is nothing but an act of muddying the waters in this issue. We did not respond to Cube Entertainment’s request because we see no reason to unilaterally listen to every demand the agency sends when we are filing to terminate the contract after requests to rectify and negotiate on the contract violations were denied. The request to terminate the contract includes a warrant of attorney signed by Lai Kuanlin himself, and Cube Entertainment will be able to see it for themselves once it is sent to them, so we ask them to refrain from malicious statements that are removed from the core of this issue.

Lai Kuanlin has never personally seen the contract that Cube Entertainment drafted to sell his management rights to a third party, and so we requested that we be sent the contract in question. However, the response we received from Cube Entertainment was that they believe they are not obligated to provide it to us and if we wish to see it, we must go to them to see it.

Even if we are to set aside the uncooperative attitude they are showing to a legitimate request, if Cube Entertainment’s stance that Lai Kuanlin and his father both affixed their seals on the contract was true, then there would be no rational reason to deny our request. Not only this, but Cube Entertainment did not properly address in their statement our claim that there exists documents with Lai Kuanlin’s seal that he did not affix himself. If Cube Entertainment’s stance that, “We received Lai Kuanlin’s approval to sign a contract with a Korean third-party company for the selection of a management company in China” is true, then we ask that they prove it in the legal process.

Also, we question the motive behind Cube Entertainment claiming that there exists a party seeking to have sole control over Lai Kuanlin’s success by influencing him and his family. This is basically claiming that Lai Kunalin and his family have filed to terminate the contract based on the temptation of economic profit, and this is not something that is said out of concern for Lai Kuanlin’s future, it can be seen as prompting malicious comments that defame Lai Kuanlin and his family. If Cube Entertainment truly wishes to resolve this situation amicably, we sincerely request that they stop these unilateral and malicious claims.

As we stated previously, Lai Kuanlin tried to resolve this situation through amicable negotiations from the start, but Cube Entertainment denied all of his requests, unfortunately leading to this request to terminate his contract. If Cube Entertainment can show that they are willing to sincerely participate in conversations regarding this issue, Lai Kuanlin will speak extensively with his father and us, his legal representatives, before deciding whether he will engage in talks.

Thank you.

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