CIX’s Bae Jin Young Talks About Debuting In A New Group, Support From Wanna One, And More

At CIX’s showcase on July 24, Bae Jin Young spoke about debuting again following the conclusion of Wanna One activities.

On his decision to debut in a new group rather than as a solo artist, Bae Jin Young explained, “I felt that I am still lacking too much to be a solo artist. It was also my dream since I was young to be in an idol group with members who create synergy, rely on each other, and cry and laugh together.”

When asked if he feels pressure about his second debut, Bae Jin Young responded, “Of course I feel pressure about debuting again after completing Wanna One activities. As much pressure as I feel, I want to do well, and I really wanted to show new sides of myself.”

He continued, “I was really lacking during Wanna One activities, so I strongly felt the desire to practice more and showcase great performances. I solely focused my efforts into [improving] my performances.”

“I want to be helpful to CIX through the experiences I gained with Wanna One. I hope we can rely on each other to become a group as great or even greater than Wanna One,” Bae Jin Young added.

Regarding support from Wanna One members, “NU’EST’s Minhyun called a few days ago to congratulate me. He gave me a lot of support, so I was able to shake off the nerves and gain strength. I also met up with [Lee] Dae Hwi in Ulsan, and he complimented our performance.”

Bae Jin Young was asked about Kang Daniel’s debut album being released two days after CIX’s. In response, he commented, “We have been keeping in touch through Wanna One’s chatroom. I think Daniel is working just as hard, if not more, for his debut. I hope we can meet again on stage and both shine brightly to gain greater results.”

Check out CIX’s music video for “Movie Star” here!

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