Watch: Cast Of “Search: WWW” Radiates Amazing Chemistry As They Film Affectionate Scenes

tvN’s “Search: WWW” has released a new making video!

The video starts off with Ji Seung Hyun as Oh Jin Woo and Jeon Hye Jin as Song Ga Kyung as they attempt to film the scene where they get a divorce. The two actors professionally immerse into their characters, but a loud noise from a motorcycle causes them to hesitate. The director eventually stops them, and they break into smiles.

Meanwhile, Lee Jae Wook and Lee Da Hee are working on their kiss scene. Lee Jae Wook spots the camera first and points to himself, asking if he’s being filmed. When it’s confirmed that he’s being recorded, he nods with a satisfied smile and then silently gestures for the camera to turn so it can film his co-star Lee Dae Hee.

The director mentions that Lee Jae Wook’s name appeared on online real-time search charts, and Lee Jae Wook responds that his character’s name Seol Ji Hwan had also ranked in. Lee Da Hee looks amazed and comments that she only saw the actor’s name and not Seol Ji Hwan, and Lee Jae Wook adds that it had gone up to No. 7. The director asks Lee Jae Wook how he feels, and the actor slides away with an embarrassed smile.

When it’s time to film the scene where Lee Da Hee kisses Lee Jae Wook, the director abruptly yells “cut,” causing Lee Da Hee to become really flustered and wander about in confusion. Lee Jae Wook’s lips tingle out of amusement, and the staff members jokingly demand for him to not laugh. In the end, the two actors are able to create a heart-stopping kiss scene that portrays their characters’ deep feelings for each other.

Lastly, Im Soo Jung and Jang Ki Yong look comfortable and relaxed while filming together. Im Soo Jung starts playing the guitar, and when she spots the camera, her eyes widen in surprise. Jang Ki Yong wiggles his fingers as if he wants to play the guitar too.

Jang Ki Yong then watches Im Soo Jung rehearse her lines. She says, “I love you” in a soft and deep way that makes his jaw drop. A staff member comments that he got goosebumps, and Jang Ki Yong checks out his own arm in awe. Im Soo Jung gets embarrassed, and the staff member quickly fibs that they got goosebumps from the cold in order to not pressure her.

Check out the making video here!

“Search: WWW” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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