Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Shares Reason Behind Her Generous Donations At UNICEF Honors Club Ceremony

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri has officially become the youngest member of UNICEF’s Honors Club.

On July 26, her agency Creative Group ING stated, “Hyeri donated 100 million won (approximately $84,442) to UNICEF and was registered as the youngest-ever member of the UNICEF Honors Club. Hyeri attended UNICEF Korea’s initiation ceremony and received the UNICEF Honors Club certification plaque.”

Hyeri’s donation will be used to fund UNICEF’s global campaign “Schools for Asia,” and she stated that she’d actively participate in UNICEF’s various campaigns in the future.

“This year marks the 10th year since my debut, and I think that I was able to come this far after debuting at a young age thanks to all of your love,” said Hyeri. “As fans from many countries loved me, I always thought about wanting to repay them even in a small way.”

She continued, “I was shocked after hearing about UNICEF’s ‘School for Asia’ campaign. Our country has a system of compulsory education, so going to school is a natural thing. It was upsetting that other children in Asia couldn’t receive basic education. I hope my small contribution will help children have dreams and hopes, and I hope that this will be an opportunity for many people to become aware of underprivileged children.”

The UNICEF Honors club is an organization of donors who donated more than 10 million won (approximately $84,442) to UNICEF Korea. Its current members include UNICEF International Goodwill Ambassador Kim Yuna, UNICEF Korea Goodwill Ambassador Ahn Sung Ki, Special Representative Won Bin, BTS’s Jin, and more.

Hyeri will be appearing in tvN’s new drama “Miss Lee” (working title), which premieres in September.

Congratulations to Hyeri! Check out more photos from the event below.

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