Ma Dong Seok Shares Thoughts On Being Cast In Upcoming Marvel Movie “The Eternals”

Ma Dong Seok commented on his upcoming Marvel movie “The Eternals” at the press conference for “Bad Guys: The Movie”!

Recently, it was announced at the San Diego Comic Con that Ma Dong Seok will be making his American film debut through “The Eternals.” The film will be about a superhuman race called the Eternals that was birthed millions of years ago as a result of genetic experiments on Earth by the Celestials. Ma Dong Seok will play the role of Gilgamesh, a hero with super strength that competes with the likes of Thor and Hercules.

During the press conference for “Bad Guys: The Movie” on July 29, Ma Dong Seok shared, “Something unbelievably good has happened to me. I was completely shocked. I think of it as an honor. I can’t accurately say the schedule for sure yet. I will have to film multiple times for ‘The Eternals,’ so I will probably have to go back and forth [to the United States], and I also have to film for ‘The Outlaws 2.'”

He continued, “This is a really big honor for me. This is like the equivalent of getting called to the Major League in baseball, so I’m very grateful.”

Meanwhile, “Bad Guys: The Movie” is a spin-off of a popular action drama which first aired in 2014, followed by a second season in 2017. The movie will tell the story of a special criminal investigation division that teams up with actual criminals to fight crime outside the limits of the law.

“Bad Guys: The Movie” is set to premiere in September, while “The Eternals” will premiere November 6, 2020 in North America.

Watch Ma Dong Seok in the original “Bad Guys” drama:

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