Lee Jong Suk’s Reps Issue Statement Over Allegedly Recruiting Kwon Nara To Agency While Serving In Military

Lee Jong Suk’s agency A-MAN Project has responded to accusations that he was engaged in profit-seeking activities during his military service.

On August 1, a report was published by a news outlet that stated that Lee Jong Suk and former Hello Venus member Kwon Nara are dating. The report claimed that after the two actors were introducted, Lee Jong Suk directly contacted her to invite her to join his agency. It was stated that Lee Jong Suk put much effort into recruiting her for his agency, and it was described that he is essentially the CEO of the company.

Their agency then denied the report, stating that their relationship is only that of a senior and junior actor.

However, a further controversy arose over the report’s claims that Lee Jong Suk had been engaged in profit-seeking activity for the agency while serving in the military.

Later on August 1, A-MAN Project issued the following statement:

Hello. This is A-MAN Project.

We are writing to convey the truth regarding the article that was published today about actor Lee Jong Suk, who is under our agency.

1. Lee Jong Suk is not listed in the register as an executive director. He had already resigned from the position of executive director on February 20, before he enlisted in the military in March.
2. Cha Kang Hoon, who has a long time of manager experience, is currently running A-MAN Project. Lee Jong Suk’s younger brother Lee Jong Hyuk is registered as the executive director and he is performing related tasks. The person who was previously registered as executive director left the company in April, and they were naturally replaced with someone else.
3. Kwon Nara signed her exclusive contract in May, and the official work related to this was carried out by the related managers.
4. Lee Jong Suk is aware of the regulations regarding this and he is currently earnestly carrying out his military service. It is unfair that extremely private matters such as conversations and exchanges between two people have been portrayed as profit-seeking activity.
5. We once again confirm that the dating rumors about Lee Jong Suk and Kwon Nara are groundless.
6. In addition, we have captured the actions of those who are creating virulent rumors about our agency’s actors, and we are considering a legal response. We also express that it is unfortunate that there were undiscerning reports with no fact checking that harm the reputation of our artists.

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Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews

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