Im Soo Hyang Transforms Into A Beautiful, Brainy Heiress In “Graceful Family”

The first stills of Im Soo Hyang in MBN-Dramax’s “Graceful Family” have been released!

This upcoming mystery melodrama is about a rich heiress and passionate lawyer who work together to uncover the secrets behind a murder that happened 15 years ago.

On August 1, Im Soo Hyang gave viewers a peek at her transformation as Mo Suk Hee, an heiress of MC Group as the conglomerate’s only daughter and member of the ultra-elite 0.001 percent. In addition to having beauty, brains, and wealth, Mo Suk Hee also has a surprising rebellious streak that makes her MC Group’s biggest headache.

Although Mo Suk Hee appears to be someone who does whatever she wants on the surface, she’s actually a character who has endured unspeakable hardships due to the unfortunate death of her mother 15 years ago. After meeting the inexperienced, simple-hearted lawyer Heo Yoon Do (played by Lee Jang Woo), they begin to uncover the mystery surrounding her mother’s death.

In the stills, Im Soo Hyang is completely immersed on her first day of filming. Dressed in a yellow blouse and beret, Mo Suk Hee hands a note to someone across the table. Her strength is showcased in her determined facial expression and precise actions, and she piques the curiosity of viewers as to the contents of the note.

Im Soo Hyang described “Graceful Family” as “a drama full of connections.” She explained, “I worked with Director Han Chul Soo in a one-act play, I met Lee Jang Woo eight years again after ‘I Do I Do,’ and I’ve been a fan of Bae Jong Ok, and I met her for the first time as a college professor, and can finally work with her. So I’m even more excited and having more fun filming.”

She added, “Mo Suk Hee may appear as a chaebol heiress who can do whatever she wants, but she’s also a character with a twist who had to endure 15 years of sadness alone. Please look forward to Suk Hee who will show various appearances and charms.”

A source from Samhwa Networks stated, “Im Soo Hyang is showing perfect acting despite this being her first mystery melodrama. Please look forward to ‘Graceful Family’ and Im Soo Hyang’s passionate performance which she’s perfectly preparing for from the look in her eyes to her voice.”

“Graceful Family” premieres on August 21 at 11 p.m. KST as the follow-up to “Level Up.” Check out the teaser here.

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