Jo Byeong Gyu Talks About Keeping In Contact With Girlfriend Kim Bo Ra While Filming Countryside Reality Show

Jo Byeong Gyu talked about encouragement he received from Kim Bo Ra and his friends as he took on his first fixed role on a variety show!

On August 2, Jo Byeong Gyu appeared at a press conference for the upcoming MBN show “Naturally” (literal title). The show follows celebrities as they live in the countryside, find happiness in the little things, and search for a healing lifestyle.

Jo Byeong Gyu and Kim Bo Ra, two stars of the mega hit drama “SKY Castle,” began dating earlier this year.

When asked at the press conference about how Kim Bo Ra has been supporting him for the show, Jo Byeong Gyu replied, “Not only my girlfriend but also my friends always say that when I’m working in Seoul, I look like I’m needlessly feeling a lot of pressure or responsibility. I was told that it would be good if I got out of the city and showed my bright self as a regular 24-year-old young person.”

He added, “I was also told the supporting words, ‘I hope you don’t think about work in Seoul and have a good time in your surroundings.’ I don’t always eat regularly so I was told ‘Eat well’ a lot.”

When asked if he talked with Kim Bo Ra on the phone while living in the countryside, Jo Byeong Gyu laughed and said, “When the staff were gone, I’d go to the bathroom or to the foot of the mountain to call her there.”

Watch Jo Byeong Gyu and Kim Bo Ra in “SKY Castle” below!

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