Kangta Personally Apologizes For Recent Events + Announces Decision To Cancel Release Of New Song

Kangta has announced his decision to cancel the release of his new song following recent events.

On August 4, Kangta took to his personal Instagram account to apologize and announcing some important decisions related to his work. His statement reads as follows.

Hello, this is Kangta.

I want to bow my head and apologize for causing deep disappointment and pain to the fans who have loved and supported me for a long time with a personal matter. Also, I want to apologize once again to those who have been hurt by me and those around me, as well as those who were unknowingly brought up during this.

As I have been active and loved for a long time, I should have also been better with my personal life as well, and there is no room for excuses here and everything is a result of my own lacking and negligence. Henceforth, I will look back on past times and deeply reflect on my actions, doing my best to become a more mature person.

I will be canceling the release of my new song, which was scheduled for today, and for my musical and concerts, as they are activities that have already been planned and are matters that I cannot make decisions on by myself, I will do my best to go in a direction that minimizes the damages.

Once again, I deeply apologize for causing concern to my fans.

I am sincerely sorry.

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On August 1, Kangta and racing model Woo Joo Ahn clarified their relationship after she posted old videos of them together. Then, TV personality Oh Jung Yeon made claims implying that Kangta cheated on her with Woo Joo Ahn when they were dating, which Woo Joo Ahn then responded to. On August 3, it was announced that Kangta would not be participated in SMTOWN in Tokyo from August 3 to 5 due to health reasons.

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