The Boyz’s Agency Shares Update On Hwall’s Break From Activities Due To Health

Cre.ker Entertainment has shared news regarding Hwall’s health.

On August 6, the agency released the following statement:


This is Cre.ker Entertainment.

First of all, we would like to thank the fans who have shown love and support to The Boyz.

We are here to notify you about The Boyz member Hwall’s temporary break from activities.

Due to the pain and poor condition of Hwall’s ankle, he has minimized activities for official schedules and [the group’s] album production and focused on his health recovery.

After consistently monitoring the situation, we thought that the artist’s health is the main priority. Therefore, after careful discussions with Hwall and his family, we decided that he should focus on recovering his health and receiving treatments.

As such, The Boyz will continue activities as an 11-member group. Hwall was unable to participate in the final stages of the album production, so he only appears in a portion of the content we previously filmed. We ask for fans’ understanding in regards to this.

We express our apologies for causing worry to fans who have been waiting for The Boyz’s activities as a whole group with this news.

Thank you.

Cre.ker Entertainment previously announced that Hwall would be taking a temporary break from activities due to his leg injury in March of last year. On July 20, the agency shared that Hwall would be taking an additional break to recover his health.

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