8 Male Idols Who Make Jaws Drop With Their Wide Vocal Ranges

There’s already so much appreciation for male idols who can hit those insanely high notes or the ones that flaunt their deep, sexy voices by singing or rapping in the lower register. But strangely enough, there isn’t enough talk about the rare idols that can do both. And so here it is, a list of male idols that can do both high and low!

EXO’s Chen

Starting off is Chen, who hits those high notes with such ease that you would think he would have a hard time reaching the low ones. But lo and behold, it turns out that Chen is an expert at those too. In the video below, EXO-CBX plays a game of who can reach the lowest pitch. Guess who won!

B1A4’s Sandeul

Sandeul is a master of ballads, and that means he can perfectly sing the emotional, lower notes of the verse as well as the higher notes of the climax. His solo track “Stay As You Are” starts off quite low and gradually gets very high, allowing him to showcase the wide range he has.

INFINITE’s Sunggyu

We’ve seen Sunggyu pull off all those high notes as one of the main vocalists of his group, but what really makes Sunggyu’s voice special is the way he sounds in his lower register. Listen to him covering Jung Joon Il’s “Hug Me” and sounding amazing in all parts of the song!

DAY6’s Young K

Young K sounds like a completely different person depending on the pitch he sings or raps in. Take DAY6’s “Congratulations” as an example. If I had only heard him rap in the way he does in the track, I would have never imagined him to have such an effortless falsetto, as shown in timestamp 2:04.

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

Kyuhyun’s high notes are comfortable to listen to because they don’t pierce your ears the way some high notes can. That’s partly because he has a warm vocal timbre, and that helps his low notes resonate beautifully. He has great control over his voice, so he sounds stable throughout his whole vocal range. Like Sandeul, Kyuhyun’s solo ballad tracks truly allow for his abilities to shine, and his song “Still” is a good example.

BTOB’s Hyunsik

You can make Hyunsik sing any part of a song, and he’ll pull it off perfectly. You’d be surprised that the person singing the low notes in “Beautiful Pain” is the same person ad-libbing high notes in his self-composed track “Someday.” Such talent!


BTS’s V is known for his deep voice, but he also has a strong falsetto that reaches their songs’ highest notes. Not to mention his unique tone color that makes his high notes all the more special. If it’s your first time listening to his solo track “Stigma,” you may be surprised by the notes he’s able to hit!


JB has a versatile voice that he adjusts to fit both a smooth R&B style and the explosive style of K-pop. JJ Project’s “Tomorrow, Today” is a good song that demonstrates his wide range, as he’s in charge of the lowest part of the song as well as the high ad-libs near the end. Check out how stable he sounds in both parts at the timestamps 1:33 and 3:16!

Were you as impressed as I was when you heard these idols’ voices? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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