Watch: SEVENTEEN Shows Off Their Talents With Impressive Group + Solo Performances On “Ask Us Anything”

SEVENTEEN unleashed their energy and talent on JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything”!

The boy group made their very first appearance on the variety show during the August 10 episode, where they introduced themselves with an energetic performance of their 2016 hit song “Very Nice.”

Seungkwan and DK also blessed everyone’s ears with their rendition of Yoon Jong Shin‘s “A Weary Day” (originally featuring Kwak Jin Eon and Kim Feel).

As the leader of SEVENTEEN’s performance team, Hoshi revealed that he can use his body to depict various animals, such as an octopus and a crab. He then showed off his own choreography to Christopher’s “Bad.”

Woozi announced, “I prepared an instrument,” before surprising by everyone by playing “Nella Fantasia” on the clarinet.

After his performance, Woozi said, “It’s been so long since I’ve played.” When the members asked when he first began playing the clarinet, he replied, “From the third grade of elementary school to my first year of middle school.”

The8 mesmerized the cast with his b-boy skills, and Super Junior’s Kim Heechul likened him to TVXQ’s Yunho. Dino then announced, “I can freestyle dance to a song by the ‘Ask Us Anything’ cast.” After asking the production staff to play any song they wanted, he showed off his moves to Kim Young Chul‘s “Andenayon” (featuring Wheesung), Kim Heechul and Min Kyung Hoon‘s “Sweet Dream,” and Kang Ho Dong and Hong Jin Young‘s “I Kicked My Luck Off.”

Finally, SEVENTEEN concluded their fun appearance with a performance of their new title track “HIT.”

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