Lee Jin Hyuk’s Agency Shares Update On His Upcoming Plans

UP10TION member Lee Jin Hyuk’s agency TOP Media has released a statement regarding the artist’s future activities.

Read the full statement below:


This is TOP Media.

We sincerely thank all fans for supporting Lee Jin Hyuk’s activities.

We are carefully monitoring all of the questions and opinions that are being sent to the agency.

When the “Jin Hyuk: Hae [T.Y.F.L]” fan meeting was held, many fans overseas requested fan meetings [in their countries], hoping to meet Lee Jin Hyuk. After discussing with Lee Jin Hyuk, we decided to create opportunities for him to greet overseas fans through [overseas] fan meetings after the domestic fan meeting.

In line with many fans’ concerns, the agency is working hard to prioritize his domestic activities through various opportunities. To repay the support from fans overseas, we decided to hold [overseas] fan meetings to an extent that won’t affect his [domestic] activities.

Currently, we have scheduled a fan meeting in Thailand as announced, as well as a fan meeting in Taiwan in October. [Fan meetings in] other regions have not been decided or confirmed as of yet, and we will make careful decisions about future activities while taking fans’ opinions into consideration.

Furthermore, in accordance with the requests made by fans who were unable to attend the fan meeting in Seoul, we are planning fan meetings in other [domestic] regions. We will make an announcement once the details are decided.

We will actively support and discuss with Lee Jin Hyuk so that he can repay fans for their love and promote safely and happily. We will always listen carefully to fans’ suggestions.

Lee Jin Hyuk held his first fan meeting “Jin Hyuk: Hae [T.Y.F.L]” in Seoul on August 10.

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