EVERGLOW Talks About Their Comeback, Former “Produce 48” Contestants, And Goals

On August 19, EVERGLOW held a showcase for the release of their second single album, “HUSH.”

EVERGLOW is a girl group from Yuehua Entertainment who debuted in March with their first single album, “Arrival of EVERGLOW.”

Sihyeon said, “I was so nervous for our first debut showcase that my mind was blank. This is our first comeback, so I’m nervous for this one too.” Aisha added, “The mindset while preparing for our debut was different from the mindset for our comeback. We want to show that we’ve grown for our comeback.”

EVERGLOW explained that their album title, “HUSH,” has the meaning, “We’re the protagonists, so everyone be quiet. It means that we’re confidently going to walk our own path.” They also shared that they picked their title track, “Adios,” because, “When we first heard it, we knew it was the one. We picked it as the title track because we wanted many people to enjoy listening to it.”

Earlier this month, former “Produce 48” contestants Takahashi Juri and Kim Doah debuted in the new girl groups Rocket Punch and FANATICS respectively. Since EVERGLOW’s Sihyeon and Yiren were also “Produce 48” contestants, they were asked about promoting at the same time as their former colleagues.

Sihyeon said, “After ‘Produce 48’ ended, Doah and Juri both said that we would meet again after we made our debut. I’m glad that the timing worked out so we can meet up at music shows. We’re not on the same team, so there is friendly competition between us, but I want to see them again and ask them how they’ve been doing.”

Yiren added, “It’ll be welcome to see them again after so long. I’m glad that we have each matured in our own ways and can stand on the same stage. It’s fun to meet up and cheer each other on during promotions.”

EVERGLOW then shared that their goals were, “We want to be known as the idols who dominate the stage. We want to hear that we’re a group that knows how to perform and shines on stage. Our goal no matter what is No. 1.”

EVERGLOW dropped their album “HUSH” and the music video for “Adios” on August 19.

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