Former PRISTIN Member Kyla Claps Back At Hate Commenters + Says Idols

Former PRISTIN member Kyla recently fired back at haters on Twitter and warned them about the potential consequences of their actions.

On August 20, Kyla took to Twitter to open up about her past insecurity and share a message of confidence. She wrote:

When I was younger and people would say hateful things towards me, I would take it personally. My once bright and bubbly personality turned to quiet and insecure bc I thought that what someone else said defined me. Now I realize that I’m fine the way I am.

Anyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, I’m beautiful in my own way and I’m gonna own that. I’m gonna continue to be an inspiration towards those that have been told their entire life that they are never enough. F*ck anyone that thinks otherwise. Love yourself.

On August 21 KST, Kyla returned to share her thoughts on hate commenters, reminding them that idols and artists “see everything” that is written about them.

The former idol wrote:

It’s sad to think some people are so uneducated and deeply insecure about themselves that they feel the need to attack others and also promote unhealthy behaviors. Someone said they’re body shaming in hopes I become anorexic. That’s disgusting.

I’ve noticed that there are so many stan people on here that think it’s okay to be saying these things about certain idols or artists. Just focus on supporting your faves instead of attacking other people. What do you have to gain from hate? Absolutely nothing.

While I don’t take things personally, people need to own up to what they’re saying. Trust me, we see everything so think about the consequences before you post or tweet something. I’m not just talking about me, but in general.

Kyla debuted as a member of PRISTIN in 2017 before the group ultimately disbanded earlier this year. She recently attended KCON 2019 LA in California earlier this month.

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