Kang Ha Neul Explains Why He Chose New Rom-Com Drama As His Post-Military Project

Kang Ha Neul has explained why he chose KBS’s upcoming drama “When the Camellia Blooms” as his first post-military acting project!

KBS’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “When the Camellia Blossoms,” which is set to premiere on September 18, will tell the stories of three couples in different stages of love. Dong Baek (Gong Hyo Jin) and Yong Shik (Kang Ha Neul) believe anything is possible with love, while people around them scoff at their belief in the power of love.

On August 28, Kang Ha Neul shared his thoughts about the drama through its production company. The actor said, “When I first read the script, I wanted to thank the writer because I loved how heartwarming it was.” Kang Ha Neul continued, “I’ve said this to Gong Hyo Jin before, but I find Dong Baek, who stays firm [in her beliefs] despite the prejudice of society, very inspiring. There was no reason to pass on [the opportunity] to play a character who helps and supports someone [like Dong Baek].”

Kang Ha Neul described Dong Baek as a seed that is soon to blossom into a beautiful flower and Yong Shik as a person who wants to be the soil that embraces the flower. The actor explained, “Nowadays, people generally believe that hiding their emotions is what being an adult is about. However, Yong Shik tends to pour out everything because hiding [his feelings] is not his style.” The actor said he found Yong Shik charming because the character is not afraid to go after the person he likes.

“The scenes that show realistic situations, where rough but honest feelings are being expressed, will add fun to the drama,” continued Kang Ha Neul. “‘When the Camellia Blossoms’ is a heartwarming and comical drama that will make you think about the possibility of a person being a miracle to another person.”

Writer Im Sang Choon of “Fight My Way” and producing director Cha Young Hoon of “Are You Human, Too?” have reunited for “When the Camellia Blossoms.” They last collaborated three years ago on “Baek Hee Has Returned.” The drama will be produced by Pan Entertainment, the production company behind many hit dramas including “Moon Embracing the Sun,” “Doctors” and “Degree of Love.

Check out the first teaser of “When the Camellia Blossoms” here!

Meanwhile, watch the latest episode of KBS’s current Wednesday-Thursday drama “Justice” below!

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