Update: CLC Gives A New Glimpse Of Both Bright And Spooky “Devil” MV

Updated September 6 KST:

CLC has shared their second MV teaser for “Devil”!

Updated September 5 KST:

CLC dropped their MV teaser for “Devil”!

Updated September 4 KST:

CLC’s new set of teaser photos for “Devil” is now here!

Updated September 3 KST:

CLC released their teaser photos for “Devil”!

Updated September 2 KST: 

CLC has shared another round of lyrics spoilers for their upcoming digital single “Devil.”

The first photo has the line, “How dare you try to flirt, I’m onto your little game,” the second photo reads, “Even if you cry and beg later, I won’t blink an eye,” and the third photo says, “Nothing will get through to me now, you’ve already crossed the line.”

Updated September 1 KST:

CLC has released two new lyrics spoilers for their upcoming digital single “Devil”!

The first teaser bears the line “I can always become a kid who’s unimaginably bad,” while the second teaser reads “I’ve awoken my true nature, which I took great pains to suppress.”

Updated August 31 KST:

CLC has shared a few spoilers for the lyrics of their upcoming digital single.

The first photo contains the line, “You can’t see a really cruel devil from the outside” and the second photo contains the line, “Learned something bad and awkwardly trying to copy it.”

CLC’s digital single “Devil” is set for release on September 6.

Original Article: 

CLC has shared details for their upcoming digital single!

The group revealed that they’ll be releasing the digital single “Devil” on September 6 at 6 p.m. KST.

CLC’s latest release was the single “ME” in May. CLC recently shared backstage at the 2019 Soribada Best K-Music Awards that they’re making a comeback in September.

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