Update: Jeon So Nee In Talks To Join Wi Ha Joon In Upcoming “Que Sera Sera” Remake

Updated September 13 KST:

Jeon So Nee may be joining Wi Ha Joon in the remake of “Que Sera Sera”!

Following reports that she was in consideration for the leading role in the drama, her agency Management SOOP responded and stated, “It’s true that Jeon So Nee is currently positively considering a role in ‘Que Sera Sera.'”

Jeon So Nee has mainly been expanding her acting scope in the film industry, and made her drama debut in the tvN series “Encounter.”

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Original Article:

Wi Ha Joon may be appearing in the upcoming remake of “Que Sera Sera”!

On August 29, a source from the drama told Ilgan Sports, “Wi Ha Joon will be acting as the male lead in the drama ‘Que Sera Sera,’ which is being remade for the first time in 13 years.”

In response, a source from Wi Ha Joon’s agency MSTeam Entertainment told Newsen, “Wi Ha Joon received the offer for the male lead of the ‘Que Sera Sera’ remake and is positively reviewing it.”

Wi Ha Joon has been offered the role of the advertising company director Kang Tae Joo, who was originally portrayed by Eric. Kang Tae Joo is someone who’s making a name for himself in the advertising world with his creative planning ability, detailed sentiments, and good manners. He’s already well-known amongst female clients and is skilled at winning contracts and dating. Eric and Jung Yu Mi recently turned down the offer to appear in the remake.

“Que Sera Sera” was a 17-episode drama that aired on MBC from March to May 2007. It told the story of the professional and romantic lives of four characters working in the fashion industry. It was directed by Kim Yoon Chul of “My Lovely Sam Soon” and “The Lady in Dignity” and written by Do Hyun Jung of “The Village Achiara’s Secret” and “Children of Nobody.”

Wi Ha Joon first became known to the public through “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food” and has gone onto appear in tvN’s “Romance Is a Bonus Book” and films “Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum” and “Girl Cops.”

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